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Shopping & Banking

The number of people shopping online and using online bill pay grows just a little bit each year. But many are still worried about the security risks involved, return hassles, etc. Learn more about it. Helpful Guides and Links:
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Fee-free online banking options

Online banks are free to use, generally don't have surprise gotcha fees, and are winning rave reviews from customers. In general, online banking appeals to younger folks who don't want branches or even to look at someone face-to-face when they do their finances. USAA Federal Savings Bank, which caters to ...

Armed thieves posing as iPhone sellers on Craigslist has long posted a warning on its site that reads, "Deal locally with folks you can meet in person. Follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts." Well, now there's a new warning I have to give you about doing business face-to-face with people. The San Francisco ...

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping and other perks, but is it worth the new $99 admission price? Effective April 17, the price of an Amazon Prime membership will jump from $79 to $99. That's prompted a lot of people to ask me what I think about the price ...

10 Companies With the Worst Customer Service

While I usually like to present a positive spin on things, today I want to dedicate a moment to telling you about retailers that have the worst customer service. The stats below were crunched by 24/7 Wall St. based in part on results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). ...

How to negotiate the best deal on a car or truck

How to negotiate the best deal on a car or truck

Pickup trucks are the hot deal right now. Also, here's how to land the very best price on any vehicle before you ever set foot in a dealership.

Shopping for your groceries online makes a comeback

Instead of heading to the supermarket, how about the supermarket heading to you? Delivery of groceries that you order online has quite a history. Back in the 1990s, there was a service called Webvan that pioneered this marketspace. But Webvan went bust and was the largest failure of any dot ...

Cookies are toast, so what's next in online tracking?

When it comes to tracking your activity online, the cookie is going away. But where are the laws we need to protect us as Internet tracking evolves? Apple has a unique identifier for every mobile device they sell. Then they provide that unique code to advertisers, so you can be ...

Reduce data breach repercussions with this tip

Reduce data breach repercussions with this tip

Data breaches are rampant now. Here's one very important thing everyone needs to do right now to safeguard your finances and identity.

The best banks are not banks at all...

Looking for the best bank in America? Don't look at any of the bigs like Bank of America, Chase, Well Fargo, or Citibank. I have long believed companies that romance their employees succeed in the marketplace because their workers in turn romance the customer. Now the latest results of the ...

4 Items To Always Buy Used

Buying second hand has become a first choice for saving money, either out of necessity for people or because they're thrifty. But second hand doesn't have to necessarily mean rummaging around a musty old thrift store. Here are 4 items you can shop for used online from the comfort of ...

315 items
Results 1 - 10 of 315next >