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Social Media Snafus Can Kill Your College Application

Kids are young, adventurous, and clueless by nature. Now they're running around taking outrageous pictures and video on mobile devices. But on reflection, a lot of that media looks like a really bad idea. What we've heard again and again is that kids have a college application declined because of ...

Free Ways To Stretch Your Phone's Battery Life

If you're in the smartphone orbit, you know that you're always fighting the life of the battery. That's prompted Apple to issue battery replacements for some iPhone 5 customers who have reported shorter battery life or the need for frequent recharging. "The affected iPhone 5 devices were sold between September ...

Beware of the Latest Threats to Facebook Users

A fake app making the rounds on Facebook promises to let you change the color of your profile, but it might just make you see red. The so-called Facebook Color Scam was first reported by Cheetah Mobile. If you click on the app, it takes you to a site where ...

Facebook Messenger App Permissions: Friend or Foe?

If you're all worked up over app permissions for Facebook Messenger, time to take a deep breath and relax! There's been big news of late about Facebook forcing users to download a separate app for mobile messaging. And a lot of misinformation has being shared about it via articles and ...

Could You Pass A Social Media Background Check?

We all know that employers like to pull the credit of job applicants, check references and maybe even run a criminal background check or a personality test. But did you know some employers are vetting job candidates based on their social media profile? New guidelines for passing the social media ...

What is your social footprint saying about you?

What is your social footprint saying about you?

Headds up, job seekers. Many, if not most employers are doing social media checks before they consider you for an interview now.

Social media new breeding ground for ID Theft

Social media new breeding ground for ID Theft

Gotten any friend requests recently on Facebook? Here's why you might want to think twice before accepting them -- even if you think you know the person.

Facebook Privacy Policy Changes To Benefit Users

Facebook is about to offer users a more hands-on way to manage their privacy on the 1.28 billion person social network. Here's a look at how the new Facebook privacy policy will impact users According to a recent post on its blog, Facebook will default all new user accounts to ...

Which Tablet Is Right for a Kid?

Your child wants a tablet for games and school work. What's the best deal out there in the marketplace? There's a full-featured tablet called the Asus MeMO Pad that holds cost down so if your child breaks it or loses it, it won't hurt your wallet as much. MeMOs were ...

The Heartbleed Data Breaches: Clark’s Advice

Don’t panic. But don’t tune out and let the apathy virus shut you down either. You can protect yourself from harm with a couple of simple steps.  Heartbleed  is a software bug that allowed criminals to exploit encrypted data and even “secure”  financial sites.   This huge breach makes it possible ...

99 items
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