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Google jumping into the pay TV business

Google jumping into the pay TV business

Are you fed up with your cable or satellite provider? Competition is coming from one of the biggest tech giants.

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

The Supreme Court has put the kibosh on a new startup from the founder of Fox TV that offered an affordable way to take your local broadcast TV on the go. For $8/month, Aereo subscribers were able to stream ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC to phones, tablets, and Internet-enabled TVs. ...

A cheaper DVR  alternative with no monthly fees

A cheaper DVR alternative with no monthly fees

Paying extra for a DVR or TiVo? There's a new competitor that has no monthly fee and lets you pause and record your favorite shows in HD!

Best ways to stream web content to your TV

Best ways to stream web content to your TV

Clark shares his favorite ways to stream content from the web to TV.

How Will The AT&T/DirecTV Merger Impact You?

It's May and we're in the thick of wedding season. Now the latest news is that more technology companies are getting married. It all started with Comcast and Time Warner. And now DirecTV is engaged to AT&T. The dowry in this deal? $49 billion dollars. That's even more money than ...

Heads up: Another Netflix pricing change

Heads up: Another Netflix pricing change

Use Netflix? There's a price hike coming that will hurt those who tend to binge watch a series, and then unsub. Clark explains.

Amazon $99 Fire TV streaming box to compete with Netflix

Amazon is at it again with a couple new developments that show the company's desire to compete with Netflix and its ilk while still catering to its original online marketplace audience. One of the big news items today is they're coming up with a new method of doing returns. About ...

New scam targets Netflix subscribers

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you're on the hit list of cyber-criminals who want into your wallet! Huffington Post reports some subscribers are being hit with a pop-up phony webpage that looks exactly like Netflix. When you enter your account info to sign in, you get a message that says, ...

More choices for cheap Internet TV streaming

A trio of technologies can help you enjoy TV over the Internet on your schedule at a fraction of what you'd pay to the satellite and cable companies. First up, we have ChromeCast, which is a Google product. It's a little device about the size of a car key. You ...

Comcast stifles competition again

I've been spitting fire in media interviews about Comcast getting married with Time Warner. We already have inferior Internet versus other countries and we pay more for a degraded surfing experience. This stuff impacts our competitiveness in the world as a country. What we need is more competition. And now ...

140 items
Results 1 - 10 of 140next >