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As a former owner of travel agencies, travel is a passion of mine. An even bigger passion is saving money on travel! The main thing I want you to remember when it comes to your vacations? Find the deal first, and ask yourself why you should go there after. Learn how to find the best deals here.Helpful Guides and Links:
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2014 Team Clark Staff Trip: Italy/France

This year the staff flew into Milan on a $630 round trip deal Clark found. From Milan, the staff chose various adventures to explore, from Tuscany and the Cinque Terre to southern France, to a papal appearance in Rome. More photos to be added soon!

Save on travel booking and accommodations

Save on travel booking and accommodations

Here are the websites that Clark uses to land the best deal on hotels and accommodations when travelling overseas.

Get the best deal on foreign currency exchange

Get the best deal on foreign currency exchange

Avoid exorbitant fees when exchanging money with these Clark smart tips.

Finding a deal on a great travel destination

Finding a deal on a great travel destination

How do you get the most bang for your travel buck? Let the deal drive the destination! Clark explains.

Passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Discount Airlines Top the 2014 Airline Quality Rating

Discount airlines trounced the full-fare airlines in the 2014 Airline Quality Rating (AQR), an authoritative tally of who offers the best customer service and lowest fares done annually by Wichita State University and Purdue University. It's often been said that you get what you pay for. But the exact opposite ...

Using Cell Phones Outside the United States

Since the first iPhone was introduced, consumers have been going overseas and coming back home to exorbitant cell phone bills. The worst I ever heard was from someone who went to Costa Rica and got a $30,000 bill for 3 days! As a close second, I heard from another person ...

Handling Your Money Overseas

Planning to travel overseas soon? You've got to do some homework to do if you want to handle your money the Clark Smart way while you're abroad. But don't worry, here's an easy primer to get you started…   BEFORE YOU GO SHOULD YOU EXCHANGE MONEY AT HOME? My rule ...

How To Get the Best Deal When Booking Accommodations

I have obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to saving on hotels. When I travel for work, I book 95 percent of the hotels I stay in through or But that's far from the only way to get the job done. Particularly when you're traveling internationally, renting a ...

Best Time and Website for Buying Airline Tickets

Every day I'm asked, "What's the best time to buy an airline ticket, and what's the best website to do it on?" I've got some new answers to share with you. The Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), which is like the back office of ticket selling for the nation's airlines, has ...

What's up with free and discount travel clubs?

I've been getting a steady drumbeat of calls about something I thought died 6 years ago: Travel clubs promising free or discounted travel. This is a pitch that can come to you in a variety of ways, either by phone call, e-mail, or even postcard. In each case, you are ...

263 items
Results 1 - 10 of 263next >