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The 7 Best Travel Reward Cards

Looking for the best travel reward cards? I want to share results of a new NextAdvisor study that names cards offering the best dollar value per point or mile. Barclayscard Arrival World MasterCard with double points (Earn $2 for a flight or hotel for every $100 spent) Capital One Venture ...

18 Things You Forget On Your Packing List For Vacation

Maybe it’s about time for your summer vacation. You've scored screaming deals on a flight and hotel thanks to Clark's tips on the radio and TV. (And, of course, because you're willing to follow the #1 rule of cheap travel, just like the man himself!) Now, all you have to ...

Avoiding Airline Baggage Fees Is Easier Than You Think

Do you know what I hate? Airline baggage fees! I think they are a sneaky way for airlines to get more money out of their customers. Taking a suitcase with you when you travel isn’t some kind of fancy extra luxury, it’s a necessity. And because taking a suitcase with ...

Travel Hacking: Your Key To Cheap International Flights

"Travel Hacking" sounds like an uber-secretive technique used to work the system. But on a basic level, it's simple tips that most people can use to travel the world like they never thought they could, for a price they can afford. Sound good? Well, it is. I teach people how it ...

Free Apps Help You Save Money On Last-Minute Hotels

If you're far from an advance planner, a couple of free apps could save you up to 35% on same day hotel bookings. Here's how to save money on hotels without a lot of advanced planning Tonight-Only Deals is part of the free Priceline Negotiator app. Unlike the normal Priceline ...

Hail A Cab Or Get Home From The Party With These Apps

Next time you're on a business trip, there's an easier way to hail a cab using your smartphone. Services like Lyft, Uber, and Taxi Magic are just 3 options that are very easy to use. They'll pop up your location on a map and show you the closest drivers and ...

Huge Airfare Sale For Late Summer Travel

Get ready to pack your carry-on bag! There's a new airfare sale that will have you planning a vacation with tickets this cheap. But act have to book by midnight this Thursday! There's a Southwest airfare sale going on for travel in late August through mid-December, except Friday and ...

Are online Flash Sales really a deal?

Are online Flash Sales really a deal?

Seen any travel deals online that require you to buy within an hour or two? Think twice. Here's why.

Avoid These Fees If You Want Truly Cheap Car Rentals

Many people only rent cars about twice a year, once during a summer vacation and once during the Christmas holidays. That leaves a lot of unsuspecting motorists open to common rip-off fees that the car-rental agencies like to push. Here are some simple ways to make sure you get cheap ...

The #1 Rule of Cheap Travel

I love to travel. Over the years, I've used a strategy that has allowed me to visit all around the globe without spending a lot of money. And I'm going to tell you my secret! Intrigued by cheap travel? Follow this advice... It's really pretty simple: I don't pick a ...

319 items
Results 1 - 10 of 319next >