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February 12
Simple online banking a winner
Debt Collections: Know your rights - demand proof of debt
Cut food waste - Food expiration guide
Clark Stinks
Advice for planning surgery

On the Calls:
The Nest Thermostat 
Student loan guide  
Don’t have loans and checking at the same institution        
USAA Youth Banking  

February 11
401K after retirement
Coupon stacking
Save on travel: Best times of the year to fly, best days of the week to buy
Impulse purchasing
Vacation rental home/condo scams

On the Calls: 
New home owners, don’t buy mortgage life - death & disability ‘croke & choke’ insurance.
    Preferred: Level term via an A++ AM Best rated company  - Avoid whole life/permanent insurance.
FSBO listing on MLS. Broker/Agent protect if agent brings a buyer. -
    Hybrid, no-frills models: search flat-fee real estate agents
Barclaycard Arrival World MC – travel card with access to multiple airlines – Credit Card Tune-up
Collector calling the wrong person: Demand they cease or you will file suit under state’s harassment laws 
Long-term disability policy provides income. Call agent for referral to a disability broker
CreditKarma uses Transunion and their own scoring model. There are dozens of scoring models. FICO a better indicator
Building a house – Have at least 3 stages of inspections.
National Foundation for Credit Counseling – Behavior mod and negotiation of hardship: DMP- Debt Management Plan

February 10
Retail return policies
Timeshares return
Home selling trend
Relationships and money - Financial infidelity
Home security contract rollover warning

On the Calls: 
Wills & trusts – Q&A   Willmaker, Legalzoom, Use an attorney for complex situations.
Score a cruise deal –. Find cruise agent via  ASTA or Sunday paper travel section to find the right trip      
Saving chart by age     
Don’t give your social security number at these places
Consumer Federation of America’s  - Using life insurance to pay for college is a big lie
Nolo’s Willmaker for macs is forthcoming. Can do online at create a will
Autoeurope.comInternational Travel Guide  
Password encryption tools – LastPass, DashLane, RoboForm,  

February 9 
Stock market fears 
Social Security Scam  
Valentine's Day savings
Variable annuity proposed regulation
Employer health insurance requirements increase 

On the Calls:  app – method of forced savings that creates an investment account
Do not invest with your bank  (Exception:  USAA) 
Timeshares a rip off. may be able to sell it (at a loss). Never buy from original developer. - CreditKarma - free credit monitoring
For more flexibility, fully fund a Roth and then a 529Plan EXCEPT in states offering the 529 tax credit + tax free earnings.
Landlord is liable for tenant running a business at the residence.
Apple Pay and Android Pay - more secure than debit cards. 

February 8 
Debit card lock using on/off switches via app
ClarkRageous Rx costs could be prevented 
Unlimited data plans and Apple moves
No haggle car buying includes USAA & Costco programs -  
Wedding budget control - consult Pinterest for new ideas

On the Calls: 
Alternative lending: Lending club, Prosper, RocketLoan (owned by Quicken) - must have good credit score.   
WOW AirNorwegian Airlines -International air fares - 
European discounters RyanAir, EasyJet, International travel tips  
U. of Central Fla data breach – Credit Freeze
Best place to buy a mattress – Original Mattress Factory. Costco Wholesale 
Re-fi to remove PMI: Look into credit unions  
Make sure road side assistance does NOT count as a claim.
Best cash back cards:  Citi double cash card /   Fidelity Visa reward card

February 5
Contract workers get a voice 
Do NOT invest through banks
Fidelity Visa reward card
Clark Stinks
Smoltz on youth single sport focus, overuse injuries and burn-out

On the Calls: - to learn to drive a manual, cheap car to rent in Europe
Rental scam warning  
Alternative banking - Bluebird – for T-Mobile users - MobileMoney  
Tips for first-time home buyers  - Online lender for re-fi’s,  local brokers 
IRS advice if you can’t pay your taxes  
CreditKarma - Free monitoring - Credit Freeze  

February 4
Car Wrapping   
Corporate arbitration against employees 
Zappos no boss system
EMPOWERMENT ZONE:  Golden West Humanitarian Foundation Named As CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree      
Smaller, affordable housing 

On the Calls:
Clark's Investment Guide  
Home Security Guide  
Foreclosure deficiency claims  
Business owner phone scam – file complaint with BBB 
Work from home guide 
Record, paperwork and file keeping  
Handling collection agencies -Small business website

February 3  
Avoid data overages  
Costco membership basically free
Abusive non-compete agreements - Parental internet control-Keep kids safe online
Car buying now: Incentives and deals on used cars
HSA accounts tax advantaged

On the Calls: 
Uninsured motorist coverage protects you as liability is insufficient. 
New refinance options can reduce your student loans  
Extended car warranties  
WOW AirNorwegian Airlines -International air fares - 
European discounters RyanAir, EasyJet, International travel tips  
Shop for diamonds: Costco, blue nile
Dental implants: local reviews- Medical tourism to San Jose, Costa Rica

February 2 
ORU mandatory fitness  
Relocation incentive programs to help repay student loans 
Low cost franchises 
Car safety: Automatic braking

On the Calls: Negotiation Tips for Women - Women Don’t Ask  
Pre-paying your mortgage  
Extended car warranties  
Social Security -  Ignore alarmist hype about ‘massive’ changes in social security  
Cruising -Consult cruise only agents for preferred rate. 2 bedroom family cabin sleeps 8.  
Credit Freeze 

February 1
Volkswagon diesel emissions scandal: follow-up 
Crooked tax preparers demand Obamacare tax penalty in cash
Student loan refinancing options 
Americans saving more, but must step it up.  
US sues DeVry for misleading students 

On the Calls:
Avoid undeserved car rental damage fees 
The Free and Cheap List - Free computer security  
T-Mobile most affordable overseas - - Use fee free network ATM's. 
Save on Weddings - Wedding dresses: Craigslist, Facebook exchanges, AliExpress, Ann Taylor 
Tax problems- Use enrolled agent or CPA- NOT Tax consulting groups

January 29
Netflix rate hike & programming 
Home cyber security 
2 biggest mistakes made by new credit holders
Clark Stinks
Men’s product versions cheaper than women’s

On the Calls:
DO NOT lend money to family/friends you can’t afford to lose.
Annuities free file 
Roth IRA as Emergency fund - withdraw contributions tax & penalty free  - cost efficient purchase of individual stocks 

January 28
Energy innovation
BBB scam tracker
Jobs:  Quit rate
Relationships and health
Developing the Savings habit

On the Calls: 
Burglar Alarm Buying Tips  
CreditKarma - Free monitoring - Credit Freeze   
Vanguard Star Fund 
Foreign currency exchange 
Best 529 plans  
Clark's Investement Guide
Company stock in a 401(K)  
Gym membership

January 27th
Apple market decline
Wendy’s data breach
Passport renewal
Good news stories
Cheapest Gasoline

On the Calls: 
Auto Investing: Wealthfront - Betterment - Vanguard 
Credit Freeze & Thaw Guide  
Rebuilding credit - fresh start programs  -  
Unloading toy collection
Pay collection agency with money order 
Online investing - Schwab, T Rowe Price, Vanguard - Clark's Investment Guide 
Best 529 plans

January 26
Baby boomers & deficit future shock
Phone scams hit wireless – 27 million rip offs
Green home improvements raise value
Flint, MI & municipal water supplies
Sprint’s Boost Mobile discount for ads

On the Calls: 
Clark’s Investment Guide
Student loan debt – revised pay as you earn
SS numbers Medicare cards being phased out
Zabbasearch – People and public info search engine 
European discounters EasyJet & Ryanair - 
Rick Steves guidebooks

January 25
More big bank fees
Warren Buffet's simple investing
VW protest & response
School choice & innovation

On the Calls: 
CreditKarma  is accessible after a Credit Freeze 
IRS phone scam  
Charity Giving Guide  

January 22  
Beware instant credit, store cards, No No No plans 
Gillette vs. Dollar Shave Club - Dorco 
Dollar store savings huge
Clark Stinks
Working remotely

On the Calls: 
Best 529 plans - European discounters RyanAir, EasyJet, Norwegian 
NerdWallet,  CreditCardTuneUp - Best reward cards   
Reverse Mortgages

January 21
Variable pricing everywhere  
Password apps - Google's Inactive Account Manager  
Walmart closings, wage raises  reflect retail reinvention  
Carvana -  - GM & Auto industry trends 
Daily fantasy sports  

On the calls:
CreditKarma - arborist committee
Mortgage loan modification  & - CAUTION getting out of car lease - -

January 20
Stock market decline: side benefits
Airline fees
Sports streaming - MLB
New enrollement rules  
IRS legit collections in 2017

On the calls: - CreditKarma - Monitor your credit - Counseling for student loan rehab - repayment
Best 529 plans  

January 19
Auto safety devices and insurance tracking 
ClarkRage: Theft of elderly by bankers 
2016 apartment rents  
Used car market   
State retirement plans

On the calls: 
Clark's Investement Guide
Credit Freeze  
OomaMagic Jack   
Insurance Resources
SquareTrade  vs. Apple Care 

January 18 (Best-of)
Emergency savings 
Avoid ClarkRageous bank fees
Longevity Insurance
Home loan providers

On the calls:
Credit Freeze 
IRS Scam   
Best 529 plans  
Home Security Guide    
Specialty insurance policies 

January 15
Home Improvement Value
Internet ads
Electric scooters & bicycles
Clark Stinks
'New and Improved' food labeling

On the calls: 
National Foundation of Credit Counselors    
Ooma, Magic Jack, GoSim, Pingo - Overseas calling

January 14
Tipping: Who and how much?   
Pump & dump stock scams - "hot tips" now via text
Universal life insurance
Dental costs - Get 2nd opinion        
The WAZE traffic app

On the calls: 
Clark's Investement Guide
Yelp, Kudzu, - Get ratings for home services
Credit Freeze

January 13
WOW Air, Norwegian Airlines -International air fares
Debt collection arbitration
Get a tech degree that lands you a job or your money back!
Gas prices, Mobile banking vs. onsite branches
Best 529 plans

On the calls
Tips for first-time home buyers
CreditKarma and Credit Freeze 
Kickstarter, 3D printer submission brokers, non-profit invention clubs
Quicken WillMaker, Legalzoom  
Hotel reward card, The Points Guy travel blog
T-Mobile BingeOn, Antenna Web

January 12
​Simple financial planning
Extreme coupon exclusions
Winter travel deals
Out of network medical costs
Winter clothing & gear discounts

On the calls: 
Credit freeze beats monitoring  &
IRS phone scam
Bluebird - Alternative banking. Credit Unions best bet.

January 11
NFL Super Savers
Investing with a big bank: WARNING
Powerball Fever
New tax ID theft protections
AT&T with DirecTV offer  

On the calls: FHA - Financial counseling
Credit Karma - Track credit
CheggAmazon - Save on textbooks 
Uber and Lyft -  Extra income
Udemy -  Codecademy - Prosper  - Lending Club - Coding & funding education