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Friday, May 22
HOUR 1: Millennials won’t buy life insurance; Floridians for solar choice; Rx sticker shock
HOUR 2: "Clark Stinks"; Airtravel: The boarding process

Thursday, May 21
HOUR 1: Strategies for saving on college; Credit union for mortgages
HOUR 2: New carpooling services; Debit card hazard at the pump

Wednesday, May 20
HOUR 1: Vetting charities; Big bank “cartel” antitrust violations; Student dismisses Ivy League
HOUR 2: Supreme Court ruling improves 401(k)s; Paypal credit allegations

Tuesday, May 19
HOUR 1: Stock broker costs investors $7 million; N.C. sues the Feds to commit restraint of trade; Save on produce, including organics
HOUR 2: The $9 computer; Chryler recalls

Monday, May 18
HOUR 1: Starbucks app safety; Wells Fargo opening unauthorized accounts; Waze app neighborhood backlash
HOUR 2: Walmart and take on Amazon Prime; Lower college loan rates

Friday, May 15
HOUR 1: Education and jobs; Entitled child destroys cash; Hybrid and electric car bargains;
HOUR 2: Robotic chefs have arrived; Cruise deals

Thursday, May 14
HOUR 1: Education and jobs; Entitled child destroys cash; Hybrid and electric car bargains;
HOUR 2: Robotic chefs have arrived; Cruise deals

Wednesday, May 13
HOUR 1: Social Security shortfalls; Green Tree mortgage abuse; Cars that go 200K miles;
HOUR 2: 3D printing at Lowes; American expansion westward-Part 2

Tuesday, May 12
HOUR 1: Yelp defends itself; Landline billing mistake; Vehicle operating costs
HOUR 2: Structured settlement, annuity and pension advances; Simple car theft mistakes

Monday, May 11
HOUR 1: Payday loans investigation; Auto Title Loans; New safety measure for bicyclists;
HOUR 2: Be smartphone poor no more; A study in wealth

Friday, May 8
HOUR 1: Freezing a child's credit; Repair scams; Protection against smartphone theft
HOUR 2: Clark Stinks; New job: Amazon marketplace buyer

Thursday, May 7
HOUR 1: Alternate lenders for small business; Commerce West Bank caught stealing; New research into work vs. sleep;
HOUR 2: 4 cylinder engine comeback; Amazon clothing price comparison

Wednesday, May 6
HOUR 1: New ENT antibiotic protocols; Cell phone buyback scams; Income mobility;
HOUR 2: Consumer protection against big banks; Why to avoid company stock

Tuesday, May 5
HOUR 1: Made-to-order furniture sites; Texas doctors tackle telemedicine; Bond investments
HOUR 2: Apartment rentals; Student loan mills

Monday, May 4
HOUR 1: College tuition cuts; Revenge porn site operator gets comeuppance; Food safety developments
HOUR 2: Clark money confessions; Online banks and mobile banking

Friday, May 1
HOUR 1: Reverse mortgage crack down; Last generation electronics deals
HOUR 2: "Clark Stinks"; Credit cards and your credit score

Thursday, April 30
HOUR 1: Teach your kids about money; Craigslist safety alternatives
HOUR 2: An Uber for kids; Rip-off alert: Full commission stock brokers

Wednesday, April 29
HOUR 1: Economic recovery; Why you need a will and how to get one done on the cheap
HOUR 2: Standing desks; Why variable annuities stink

Tuesday, April 28
HOUR 1: Verizon "Custom TV" sparks ESPN-Disney lawsuit; Nepal disaster scams; Home Depot Phillips LED 60W 2-pack $4.97; Food industry concessions
HOUR 2: Convictions and credit checks for job applicants; Google search history and private browsing

Monday, April 27
HOUR 1: Tip jars and tip creep; Baby First TV; Texas wind and solar power;
HOUR 2: Targeted sales and loyalty programs; Spyware monitors teen drivers

Friday, April 24
HOUR 1: Prepaid and stored value cards; Fake new site rip offs; Alternative skin cancer treatments;
HOUR 2: Clark Stinks; The art of saving

Thursday, April 23
HOUR 1: Car safety technology accelerates; 911 Caller ID spoof; HBO GO and Roku;
HOUR 2: No flash, more cash; Automatic car diagnostics

Wednesday, April 22
HOUR 1: Fitness tracker compulsion; No refund wedding services; High earners living by paycheck;
HOUR 2: Abusive power companies; Less wheels, more money

Tuesday, April 21
HOUR 1: New cheaper cell service; Blue Bell's recall of ice cream
HOUR 2: U.S. chip and signature credit card conversion; Prom night horror ledger

Monday, April 20
HOUR 1: Your Social Security number and your Medicare card; ESPN vs. Verizon pay TV options 
HOUR 2: Jobs for college graduates update; Worst airlines in America

Friday, April 17
HOUR 1: Luxury buses; Power company lobbies; Max your social security; 
HOUR 2: Clark Stinks; Babysitting co-ops 

Thursday, April 16
HOUR 1: IRS compliance audits; New dot sucks domain; Ransomware targets business; 
HOUR 2: Trust declining in US; No Rx price consistency

Wednesday, April 15
HOUR 1: Middle class spending; Best use of tax refunds; 
HOUR 2: HELOC resets; Google facing antitrust charges in Europe

Tuesday, April 14
HOUR 1: Big bank mutual funds; Comcast survey; Airbnb insurance; 
HOUR 2: Tax day wisdom; New Sprint offerings 

Monday, April 13
HOUR 1: Getting served divorce paper on Facebook; Big bank sales pressure; Foreclosures on credit reports; 
HOUR 2: New way to buy used cars; Bait & switch mortgage scams

Friday, April 10
HOUR 1: Profit sharing; Car dealer rip offs; Amazon Home Services; 
HOUR 2: Clark Stinks; British tax reform