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Friday, October 9
Topics: Electric vehicles; Tool shows if you have been hacked; Peer lending; Clark Stinks; Psychology of saving

Thurday, October 8
Topics: Mortgage rates; Financial crisis; Online shopping; Need for flood insurance; Energy costs

Wednesday, October 7
Topics: Battery tech; Perfume and cosmetics discounted; Real estate pocket listings; Mail order specialty food subscriptions

Tuesday, October 6
Topics: Fantasy Football insider scandal; Holiday travel booking; Couples finances; Smart chip payment systems

Monday, October 5
Topics: Data breach defense; Smart chip credit cards scams; Sky high ATM fees; Trans Pacific Partnership; Wedding no show fees

Friday, October 2
Topics: Psychology of saving; Digital thievery; Your credit score; Clark Stinks; Tax advantaged saving

Thursday, October 1
Topics: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; Student loan scam; Healthcare costs; Health safety apps; 3D printing

Wednesday, September 30
Topics: Holiday savings; ClarkSmart investing; Streaming TV; Paid sick leave

Tuesday, September 29
Topics: Comcast data caps; Keurig KOLD; Data saving tip for iOS users; Hotels vs Airbnb; Amazon Flex delivery jobs

Monday, September 28
Topics: Mortgage disclosure rules; Employment ideas; New medical bill warning; New service lowers bills for you

Friday, September 25
Topics: Free mobile video; Health Insurance HSA plans; Clark Stinks; Store credit cards

Thursday, September 24
Topics: Thanksgiving airfares; Fraud prevention for Seniors; Photo websites breach; Student loan reform

Wedneday, September 23
Topics: Hypertension solutions; Vemma judgment; Apple news; Buy or sell unwanted clothing; Biosimilar medicine

Tuesday, September 22
Topics: VW emissions; Food safety; Free e-books; Convenience purchases; Wall Street prescription extortion

Monday, September 21
Topics: Affordable quality insurance; Busted via Dashcam; Designer thrift stores; Graduate student loan debt; Pump & dump bust

Friday, September 18
Topics: Housing update; Debt collectors; Parent-teen texting; Clark Stinks; Dialing back to retirement

Thursday, September 17
Topics: Promo retail season; Private student loans; Real estate investing; State-sponsored retirement; Bloggers on the take

Wednesday, September 16
Topics: Corporate fitness trackers; FDA cigarette ban; Home protection; Seasonal hiring; Olive Garden Pasta Pass

Tuesday, September 15
Topics: Fantasy football warning; Electronic toll collection on rentals; The cash lifestyle; Ultra tablets; 2 ways to reduce your monthlies

Monday, September 14
Topics: iPhone leasing plans; Lyft robocalls; Affordable organic food; Automatic braking systems; Robotic prosthetic hand

Friday, September 11
Topics: Lab diamonds; Cars burning excessive oil; Hotel booking strategies, Clark Stinks; No negotiation auto purchase

Thursday, September 10
Topics: Chip and signature cards; Investing on the margin; Find missing money; Auto safety technology; Service jobs & apprenticeships

Wednesday, September 9
Topics: Distracted drivers; Big bank fees; App hackers; Hackers and Password manager

Tuesday, September 8
Topics: Teachers Pay; Detergent pod safety; Card fraud at the gas pump; Tracking driver performance; Cheap tablets

Friday, September 4
Topics: Vehicle longevity; Small business scam; Insurance claims; Clark Stinks; Extra employee benefits

Thursday, September 3
Topics: Truck safety technology; Robocall rights; Bottled vs tap water; Customer Satisfaction, Vehicles; Online dating site scam

Wednesday, September 2
Topics: Clark's 529 Plan Guide Shop life insurance; Compare various insurance polices;