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Monday, July 27
Topics: Credit card convenience checks; Bottled water; Food packaging; CarMax

Friday, July 24
Topics: Overdraft fees; Fake soldier cheats lady; Home buying and Foreclosure update; Clark Stinks; Payday loans

Thursday, July 23
Topics: Student loans; Unemployment numbers; Gold prices; Honda fine

Wednesday, July 22
Topics: Hackers vs. 'smart' cars'; LifeLock vs. credit freeze; Health insurance gotchas; Jet vs. Amazon

Tuesday, July 21
Topics: Elder social workers; Electronics insurance; ClarkSmart investing; State eliminates homelessness; Air travel and airfares

Monday, July 20
Topics: Cut wedding costs; Student loan scams; Bank fraud inside jobs; Instacart costs; New small biz lender

Thursday, July 2
HOUR 1: Housing recovery; Airfare saving strategies
HOUR 2: Custom sneakers; Travel to Cuba

Wednesday, July 1
HOUR 1: Scratch Wireless; Car title loans; Fake internet content;
HOUR 2: Buy online, ship to store; Employer fitness incentives

Tuesday, June 30
HOUR 1: Summer gas prices; New overtime rules
HOUR 2: Best fast food restaurants; Ford's overtures to millennials

Monday, June 29
HOUR 1: The economic collapse of Greece; Clark's review of Project Fi
HOUR 2: Retail theft rings; Banking's "Wall of Shame"

Friday, June 19
HOUR 1: Free money transfer services; Key characteristics of millionaires
HOUR 2: "Clark Stinks"; Investment management fees

Thursday, June 18
HOUR 1: Google's e-commerce risks; The sharing economy expands
HOUR 2: Budgeting help for variable earners; Self-driving vehicle accident report

Wednesday, June 17
HOUR 1: Unlimited data plan snafu; "Card popping" scam
HOUR 2: Senior discounts; iPhone vs. Android hotel booking

Tuesday, June 16
HOUR 1: Weekend flight horrors roundup; eBay/PayPal terms of spam
HOUR 2: A look at Aldi's growth; Account authentication

Monday, June 15
HOUR 1: Weekend flight horrors roundup; eBay/PayPal terms of spam
HOUR 2: A look at Aldi's growth; Account authentication

Friday, June 12
HOUR 1: Santa Monica bans airbnb; Bank responsibility in debit card fraud; Fake colleges and phony degrees
HOUR 2: "Clark Stinks"; Budgeting tools--Mint vs

Thursday, June 11
HOUR 1: Best airline rewards; Bi-weekly mortgage schemes; Your 401(k) match and beyond
HOUR 2: Join a credit union before new restrictions; Auto-payment warning

Wednesday, June 10
HOUR 1: Cheap and free options for music; Wells Fargo defies LA lawsuit; New baggage rules
HOUR 2: How to hire the right mover; Cloud services and hack insurance for small business

Tuesday, June 9
HOUR 1: Corinthian College debt forgiveness; Why now is the time to ask your boss for a raise
HOUR 2: Car buyer alternatives to dealerships; The June Intelligent oven

Monday, June 8
HOUR 1: Flood car threat; Data breaches and the credit freeze
HOUR 2: "Clark Stinks"; Alt transportation & the rise of urban bicyclists

Friday, June 5
HOUR 1: Free & low cost robo investment advisors; Elderly ID theft prevention
HOUR 2: "Clark Stinks"; Alt transportation & the rise of urban bicyclists

Thursday, June 4
HOUR 1: The small housing movement; Bank ignores cloned ATM card; Filling the job skills gap
HOUR 2: Jury awards $83M to victim of rogue collector; Finding airfare bargains

Wednesday, June 3
HOUR 1: Strategies for saving on college; Getting your mortgage at a credit union
HOUR 2: New carpooling services; Debit card hazard at the pump

Tuesday, June 2
HOUR 1: New overtime rules; Cheap audio amplifiers; Package delivery access points
HOUR 2: Mexican timeshare ripoff alert; Immediate and longevity annuities

Monday, June 1
HOUR 1: Warning: Vacation posting on social media; Hedge fund fraud; Green home improvement
HOUR 2: Apps that let you purchase direct from manufacturers; New ways to monitor aging parents