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Tuesday, April 21
HOUR 1: New cheaper cell service; Blue Bell's recall of ice cream
HOUR 2: U.S. chip and signature credit card conversion; Prom night horror ledger

Monday, April 20
HOUR 1: Your Social Security number and your Medicare card; ESPN vs. Verizon pay TV options 
HOUR 2: Jobs for college graduates update; Worst airlines in America

Friday, April 17
HOUR 1: Luxury buses; Power company lobbies; Max your social security; 
HOUR 2: Clark Stinks; Babysitting co-ops 

Thursday, April 16
HOUR 1: IRS compliance audits; New dot sucks domain; Ransomware targets business; 
HOUR 2: Trust declining in US; No Rx price consistency

Wednesday, April 15
HOUR 1: Middle class spending; Best use of tax refunds; 
HOUR 2: HELOC resets; Google facing antitrust charges in Europe

Tuesday, April 14
HOUR 1: Big bank mutual funds; Comcast survey; Airbnb insurance; 
HOUR 2: Tax day wisdom; New Sprint offerings 

Monday, April 13
HOUR 1: Getting served divorce paper on Facebook; Big bank sales pressure; Foreclosures on credit reports; 
HOUR 2: New way to buy used cars; Bait & switch mortgage scams

Friday, April 10
HOUR 1: Profit sharing; Car dealer rip offs; Amazon Home Services; 
HOUR 2: Clark Stinks; British tax reform

Thursday, April 9
Doctors make housecalls via video chat for $40
HOUR 1: High-tech housecalls; Home heating experiments
HOUR 2: Video streaming and  traditional TV; Quit rate analysis

Wednesday, April 8
Life insurance that tracks you
HOUR 1: Life insurance health monitoring; Vacation rental scams;
HOUR 2: Employer financial wellness programs; Tax reform and the national debt

Tuesday, April 7
HOUR 1: Starbucks college benefit; Car safety; Verizon super cookie opt out;
HOUR 2: Supermarket Ratings; Fake subscription invoices

Monday, April 6
HOUR 1: Top places to retire;; From idea to marketplace;
HOUR 2: Insurance predictive analysis software; Home value improvements

Friday, April 3
HOUR 1: Target retail rehab; Paying it forward in the air; 
HOUR 2: Self publishing; Cut home energy costs 

Thursday, April 2
HOUR 1: Get every last drop with LiquiGlide; Lump sum settlement scams; Square Cash slashes fees; 
HOUR 2: April bargains; Medical tourism 

Wednesday, April 1
HOUR 1: Wal-Mart fights for market share; New credit scoring models; 
HOUR 2: Signals of a scam; Investing during market decline