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Major airlines accept reservations 341 days in advance, or through January 5, 2017.
Special note: This page will not be updated until February 21.  Thank you for your understanding!  

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These HOT deals have no ticket-by date and could vanish at anytime. Act fast on a purchase!  

One-way rates of $54 to Miami are valid on trips finished on or before May 11.  A 7-day advance purchase required.  Valid any available day of the week.  Blackout dates: March 20.  Valid on American, nonstop.

Travel to Memphis at one-way rates of $64 on trips started on or after April 14 and completed on or before August 14.  Valid Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday.  Valid on Frontier, nonstop.  Learn about Frontier's The WORKS, ways to save on the "extras".

Check out these one-way rates from Delta!
$68 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami / South: 10A-2P Monday-Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday / North: 10A-2P Tuesday- Saturday
$68 Orlando / Daily South: 5-915A or 7P-midnight / Daily North: 5-9A or 7P- midnight
$68 Tampa / Daily South: 7-10A or 8P-midnight / Daily North: 5-8A or 5P-midnight
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Complete travel on or before May 15.  No blackout dates.  Service is nonstop.

Round-trip rates of $208 to San Francisco are valid Wednesday and Saturday only starting on or after April 15.  Complete travel on or before August 15.  No blackout dates and no minimum stay requirements.  Valid on Frontier, nonstop.  Learn about Frontier's The WORKS, ways to save on the "extras".

NEW! Delta slashes rates to Los Angeles to $202 for Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday travel through December 31 -- and without blackout dates!  A 7-day advance purchase required.  Travel west on flights operating between 7-1120A or 650P-midnight; eastbound from midnight-2A or 4-6P or 11P-midnight.  A Saturday night stay required.   

Think snow! Bargain round-trip rates of $270 to Grand Junction, Colorado require a 21-day advance purchase notice.  Travel any available day of the week.  No minimum stay required.  Complete travel on or before March 2.  Valid on American, Delta or United - one connection required.

SAVE!  Take a two-step booking method to land $764 round-trip rates to London from ATL.  This rate is based on a round-trip fare of $684 to London from Philadelphia and average round-trip sale rates of $80 between Atlanta-Philadelphia (rates can be up to $80 each way depending on season).  Tickets must be purchased separately: 1.) ATL-PHL-ATL and 2.) PHL-LON-PHL.  Travel from PHL to London permitted daily on outbound flights operating between 930P-midnight; returns between 5-6P.  Stay at least 7 nights in the UK.  Complete travel on or before May 17.  Blackout dates: March 17-April 11.   Valid on American, nonstop to Philadelphia and to London from PHL.   Compare this to round-trip rates of $1,370 from Atlanta on competitors!

Here's a way to save on trips to Central Europe.  United/Lufthansa offer nonstop service between Newark and Frankfurt, Germany for $785 round-trip.  Depart now through August 23.  Add $25 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel.  No advance purchase required -- go as soon as this week!  Stay at least one Saturday night or up to a year.  Note: Both Delta and United offer daily nonstop travel to Newark from $182 round-trip on travel completed by April 13. A 21-day advance purchase required.  

Uncover more travel deals from around the country at Clark's National Travel Deals page.


NEW!  Purchase these one-way deal through March 2:
$34 Washington DC-Dulles
A 7-day advance purchase required.  Valid Tuesday, Wednesday only.  Complete travel on or before March 9.  Valid on Frontier, nonstop.  Learn about The WORKS, ways to save on flight "extras".

Purchase these one-way deals through February 17:
$39 Pittsburgh / nonstop service begins June 17
$59 San Antonio / nonstop service begins May 13
Valid Wednesday or Saturday.  Complete travel on or before August 15.  Blackout dates: May 28, 31; July 5.  Valid on Frontier.

NEW! Delta's Spring Sale includes discounts to city pairs across the country!  Purchase these round-trip sample rates by February 11:
$89 Jacksonville, W. Palm Beach
$99 Key West
$109 Sarasota
A 21-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Complete travel on or before April 30.  Blackout dates: March 18-20, 24, 25, 28.  A Saturday night minimum stay required.  Purchase at Delta

Travel nonstop to/from Seattle at one-way rates of $138 on Tuesday or Wednesday starting on or after March 1 and through April 26.  Add $10 each way for other travel days.  Valid on Delta, nonstop on westbound operating flights between 9-130P or 9P-midnight; 10A-noon or 1030P-midnight east.  Other carriers match with connecting service.  Purchase by February 15.

NEW! Think snow! Purchase these round-trip sale rates by February 16:
$404 Aspen, Steamboat Springs or Vail, Colorado
A 21-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Stay at least one Saturday night.  Complete travel on or before March 27.  Blackout date: March 20.  Valid on Delta, nonstop - or American and United with one connection service.  

Fly Frontier!  One-way rates from $39 are offered on Frontier Airlines on June 17-August 15 travel.  Valid Wednesday and Saturday only.  Blackout dates: May 28, 31.  Purchase by February 17.  Frontier will begin new nonstop flight service from/to Atlanta to: 
Houston, Memphis, St. Louis and Salt Lake City: April 14
Kansas City, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco: April 15
Service may not be offered daily.  Frontier's full summer schedule is on sale for travel through August 15.  
Customers can take advantage of Frontier's bundled choice, The WORKS*, containing Frontier's most popular options for one low price. The WORKS is available for purchase at at time of initial booking and includes one carry-on bag, one checked bag, best available seat including Stretch and Exit Row options, full refundability when canceled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, no change fees and priority boarding. 

One-way rates of $68 to Washington DC-Reagan are offered on any available day of the week when booked 14 or more days in advance. Complete travel on or before March 16.  Valid on American, nonstop.  Purchase by February 12.

Free Fight Offer!  Fly four one-way segments or two round-trip flights between any Alaska Airlines city and the following destinations and get one flight for just the cost of taxes (starting from $21) during the 2016 ski season:
Eligible destinations:
Crested Butte-Gunnison
Mammoth Lakes
Reno-Lake Tahoe
Salt Lake City
Steamboat Springs
Sun Valley
Qualifying travel is permitted through February 23.  A discount code will be awarded via email within two weeks of meeting the promotion's qualifications for travel between any Alaska Airlines city in the U.S. or Canada (excluding Hawaii and Prudhoe Bay) and destinations listed above on February 1-April 30 travel (where W class of service available).  Tickets must be purchased on or before March 30.  Registration is required prior to the first qualifying flight. Flight miles must be credited to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account by March 14. 




Check out the many new routes announced from various U.S. gateway cities at Clark's National Travel Deals page.  

The following are new routes from Atlanta.

Delta Air Lines:
Santiago, Dominican Republic: March 5 (1 x week)
Washington DC-Dulles: March 9 (two daily nonstops)
Minneapolis & New Orleans: April 14
Turkish Airlines:
Istanbul, Turkey: May 16


Purchase these one-way rates through February 11:
$123 Halifax, Nova Scotia / Delta via JFK
$138 Calgary, Alberta / Delta via Minneapolis
$140 Quebec City, Quebec / Delta via JFK
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Complete travel on or before April 30.  

One-way rates of $139 to Ottawa, Ontario are offered on trips completed on or before February 29.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Valid on Delta via Detroit.  Purchase by February 11.


Coming soon...


GO NOW!  TODAY! It may not be the fastest route to Bermuda, but Air Canada offers a low rate of $134 one-way to the British island on departures through June 22.   No advance purchase required -- go as soon as this week.  Travel any available day of the week.  No blackout dates!  Routing is via Toronto.  Stops not permitted.  Purchase by February 9.    


NEW NONSTOP ROUTE!  Daily nonstop service from Atlanta to Istanbul will be offered on Turkish Airlines starting May 16.  The carrier will operate Boeing 444-300ER aircraft (49 lie-flat Biz Class; 300 Economy).  Turkish Airlines offers deep discounts on connecting service to Europe and beyond (243 destinations served).  Outbound flight schedules will often require an overnight in Istanbul (no additional cost).  Sample round-trip rates: 
$699 Istanbul
$735 Malta (never lower with one connection route!)
$737 Bologna
$740 Naples
$749 Nice
$757 Lisbon
$770 Madrid
$785 Rome
$805 Vienna
$860 Male - gateway to the Maldives Atolls for superb diving and fancy island resorts
Travel is permitted any available day starting May 16.  Seats can be booked 341 days in advance -- making December 30 the last permitted day of travel.  A Saturday night stay is required; two months max.  Purchase by February 15.   Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance Member, has been chosen "Best Airline in Europe", "Best Airline in Southern Europe" and awarded "Best Business Class Onboard Catering", "Best Business Class Lounge Dining" in 2014 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

Travel to Spain this summer at bargain round-trip rates!
$738 Madrid*
$765 Barcelona*
$782 Valencia
$850 Seville
Travel any available day of the week (a $70 value) and depart May 16-August 22.  Stay at least any 7 nights.  Valid on Delta (* nonstop) and Delta/KLM or United/Lufthansa with one connection service.  Stopovers not permitted.  Purchase by February 17.  Note: Delta increased fares on Feb. 5 by $20-

SUMMER DEALS! Travel nonstop to Europe on Delta at these round-trip rates:
$938 Rome
$963 Milan
$1,014 Paris
Travel any available day of the week on May 17-August 22 departures. A 7-night minimum stay required; 3 months max.  Travel to Milan permits an exception: Add $20 per round-trip for minimum stays of one Saturday night.  Purchase by February 17.  Other carriers match with connecting service.

BIZ CLASS OFFERS!  Enjoy special savings on Delta One fares to Europe.  The new Delta One premium experience offers complimentary Delta Sky Club access, menu selections, flat-bed seats with direct aisle access and more luxurious amenities.  
Sample round-trip rates from Atlanta:
$3,853 Milan
$3,866 Rome
$3,849 Venice
Depart July 17-August 31.  A Saturday night stay required; one month max.   Purchase by February 15 at Delta.


Coming soon...


GO NOW! Round-trip rates of $684 to Shanghai or $704 to Beijing, China are offered on departures through April 29.  No advance purchase required. Add $40 per round-trip for Saturday travel.  A 10-night minimum stay required.  Purchase by February 17.  Valid on Delta via Detroit or Seattle.

WOW!  Travel with Turkish Airlines to Asia!  Purchase these round- trip rates when purchase by February 15:
$679 Hong Kong
$882 Shanghai
$896 Beijing
Depart May 16-August 28.  Travel any available day of the week.  Stay one weekend or up to six months.  Routing is via Istanbul.  Two free stopovers permitted. Compare to rates of $1,500 on other carriers.


Travel with British Airways to Marrakesh, Morrocco at round-trip rates of $864.  Routing is via London; stopover not permitted.  Depart by March 31.  Add $40 per direction for Thursday-Sunday departures and/or returns.  Stay at least one Saturday night or up to a year.  Purchase by February 26.

Travel to Johannesburg, South Africa at round-trip rates of $986 starting on or after May 16.  Travel any available day of the week.  Stay at least one Saturday night.  Valid on Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.  One free stopover permitted.  Purchase by February 15.

Round-trip rates of $1,317 to Tel Aviv, Israel are offered on June 15-August 20 departures.  Travel any available day of the week.  A 7-night minimum stay required; three months max.  Valid on United via Frankfurt.  Two free stopovers permittted.  Purchase by April 15.


Road Trip!  Enjoy weekend rates starting from $9.99 per day (Economy or Compact) when you rent from Friday through Monday at participating neighborhood Enterprise locations.  This special rate, valid through May 23, includes 100 miles per day. 
Additional weekend discount rates:
$14.99 Intermediate 
$17.99 Standard
$19.99 Full Size

Board the bus.  Ride the rails.  Find the best routes and fares for trips across the U.S. and Canada at Wanderu.  It's all there - inter-city buses and trains between any two points.  Purchase tickets for the Acela Express, BoltBus, Greyhound, Megabus, Red Coach, and dozens more.

How to do score the lowest price on a rental car?  Here are several tips and pointers on saving the max! 

Search prices at gas filling stations in all 50 states and narrow down to the city or zip code at Fuel Price Finder, a free AAA source. Also, try out the Fuel Cost Calculator (enter start point/destination/vehicle make, year, model) to get the estimated fuel cost for your next road trip.

Can you get there by ferry?  Direct Ferries gathers routes and rates from 25 international websites.

Europe bound? FlixBus offers daily intercity bus service to nearly 300 destinations in over 15 different European countries.  With amenities such as free WiFi, plenty of legroom, up to 3 pieces of baggage and snacks and drinks onboard, it's a much cheaper and popular alternative to rail or air travel. 

Busbud offers one-stop shopping to find, compare and book inter-city bus tickets between cities all over the world -- in the U.S., South American, Europe and beyond. Compare prices, bus schedules and pick up and drop off locations so that you can find the cheapest bus ticket for your trip. 

NEW! GoEuro is a website and mobile app that helps you plan how to travel from the smallest villages and major cites across 11 Western European countries with just one click from a wide array of air, rail, and bus options. Type in your departure and destination points and the site simultaneously searches and compares all rail, bus, auto and flight offerings. The algorithm lets you sort the possible options by the cheapest, quickest, and "smartest" routes (convenience vs. expense).


British Airways offers special savings for AARP members on round-trip ticket purchases made at
Save $65 in World Traveller Economy Class
Save $130 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy
Save $400 in Club World Business Class or First Class
Customer must be an AARP member or must travel with an AARP member to be eligible for this exclusive offer.  The discount does not apply to open jaw journey (only round-trip with same origin and destination permitted).  Not valid if booked through BA call center or with a travel agent or travel website.  All discounted fares will be highlighted with a red 'Discount'.


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