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Major airlines accept reservations 341 days in advance, or through October 21, 2016.

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These HOT deals have no ticket-by date and could vanish at anytime. Act fast on a purchase!  

NEW!  Travel nonstop on American Airlines at these low one-way rates:
$40 Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth or Philadelphia
A 21-day advance purchase required.  Travel Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.  Rates are slightly higher for other travel days.  Complete travel on or before March 2.  No blackout dates!  

NEW! One-way rates to/from Miami of $43 require a 7-day advance purchase notice.  Valid Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday through February 10.  Blackout dates: December 26-January 4.  Valid on American, nonstop.

Check out these one-way rates from Delta!
$68 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami / South: 10am-2pm Monday-Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday / North: 10am-2pm Tuesday-Saturday
$68 Orlando / Daily South: 5-915am or 7pm-midnight / Daily North: 5-9am or 7pm-midnight
$68 Tampa / Daily South: 7-10am or 8pm-midnight / Daily North: 5-8am or 5pm-midnight
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Complete travel on or before March 9 to/from Orlando or Tampa.  Complete travel on or before May 15 to/from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami.  No blackout dates apply on Orlando or Tampa travel.  Ft. Lauderdale/Miami blackout dates: November 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 30; December 24, 25, 28, 30; January 2, 3.  Service is nonstop.

United Airlines offers these one-way rates on travel completed on or before February 9:
$82 Grand Rapids, Michigan
$93 Portland, Maine
$97 Burlington, Vermont
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Valid on United via Chicago or Newark.

American Airlines offers low one-way rates on trips completed on or before January 12:
$87 Ft. Wayne (service via Chicago)
$92 Harrisburg (MDT)
$97 Syracuse or Rochester
$102 Albany or Providence
$112 Colorado Springs
$137 Orange County-Santa Ana
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Blackout dates: November 28-30; December 18-20, 23, 26-28; January 3-5.  Valid on American via Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth or Philadelphia.

One-way rates of $98 to Denver are valid on trips completed on or before March 9.  A 21-day advance purchase required.  Not valid Friday or Sunday.  Travel on westbound flights operating between 7-10:30AM or 7PM-midnight; east before 8:30AM or 2-7PM.  No blackout dates.  Valid on Delta, nonstop.  United matches on any nonstop flight.

NEW! With a one-week advance notice, travel to San Juan, PR at one-way rates of $138.  Travel any available day of the week and complete travel on or before December 14.  Valid on Delta, nonstop.

NEW!  One-way and nonstop travel to Phoenix is $152 each way on trips completed on or before October 21.  A 21-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  No blackout dates.  Valid on American or Delta.

NEW! Travel round-trip to Burlington, Vermont for $205 on travel completed on or before March 2.  Travel any available day of the week.  A 7-day advance purchase required.  Blackout dates: November 29, 30; December 23, 26, 28; January 3-6, 10.  Valid on American via Philadelphia.

NEW!  Travel between Atlanta and Seattle at round-trip rates of $273 through March 2.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Blackout dates: December 27; January 3-5, 10.  Valid on American via Dallas-Ft. Worth or Phoenix.

NEW!  Delta offers a $337 round-trip rate to San Jose, Costa Rica on trips completed on or before February 29.  A 7-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  No minimum stay required.  Blackout dates: December 18-January 17; February 12-22.  Service is nonstop.  Compare to $668 round-trip in mid-2016.

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NEW!  Rates of $78 to/from Los Angeles require a 7-day advance purchase notice.  Travel any available day of the week through February 10.  Blackout dates: December 26-January 5.  Purchase by December 4.  Valid on American, nonstop.

Free Fight Offer!  Fly four one-way segments or two round-trip flights between any Alaska Airlines city and the following destinations and get one flight for just the cost of taxes (starting from $21) during the 2016 ski season:
Eligible destinations:
Crested Butte-Gunnison
Mammoth Lakes
Reno-Lake Tahoe
Salt Lake City
Steamboat Springs
Sun Valley
Qualifying travel is permitted through February 23.  A discount code will be awarded via email within two weeks of meeting the promotion's qualifications for travel between any Alaska Airlines city in the U.S. or Canada (excluding Hawaii and Prudhoe Bay) and destinations listed above on February 1-April 30 travel (where W class of service available).  Tickets must be purchased on or before March 30.  Registration is required prior to the first qualifying flight. Flight miles must be credited to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account by March 14. 




Check out the many new routes announced from various U.S. gateway cities at Clark's National Travel Deals page.  

The following are new routes from Atlanta.

American Airlines:
Washington DC-Reagan: January 5 (five daily flights)
Delta Air Lines:
North Eleuthera - and - Marsh Harbour: December 19 (2x week)
Medellin - and - Cartagena, Colombia: December 19 (daily to Medellin; 3x week Cartagena)
Santiago, Dominican Republic: March 5 (1 x week)
Washington DC-Dulles: March 9 (two daily nonstops)
Turkish Airlines:
Istanbul, Turkey: May 16


HURRY!  The following one-way deals from United Airlines (American and Delta match to select destinations) are valid on any available day of the week through October 21.  All destinations require one flight connection. 
$122 Ottawa, Ontario: No advance purchase required
$145 Calgary, Alberta: A 7-day advance purchase required.
$146 Halifax, Nova Scotia: A 30-day advance purchase required.
$168 Quebec City, Quebec: A 21-day advance purchase required.
$190 Montreal, Quebec: A 14-day advance purchase required. 

Looking for a deal to Toronto?  One-way rates average $300 and sales are rarely offered (see above HOT DEALS for a current exception!).  However, Delta and American offer a $169 one-way rate from Chattanooga.  Connection in ATL required on Delta; Charlotte on American.  A 30-day advance purchase required.


NEW!  Travel with American Airlines to Liberia, Costa Rica at a round-trip rate of $398.  Travel is permitted any available day of the week starting January 1.  No minimum stay required.  Complete travel on or before May 25.  Blackout dates: March 4-28.  Purchase by December 3.  Routing is via Miami.  One free stopover permitted.  

NEW!  Rates of $442 round-trip to Cabo San Lucas-Los Cabos, Mexico require a 21-day advance purchase.  Travel any available day of the week.  No minimum stay required.  Complete travel on or before April 30.  No blackout dates.  Valid on Delta, nonstop.  Purchase by December 1.

EXTENDED!  Air Canada offers round-trip rates of $637 to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil on departures through December 31 - or - January 1-July 9.  No advance purchase required -- go as soon as this week.  Add $25 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel.  No minimum stay required; three months max.  Service is via Toronto.  Two free stopovers permitted.  Purchase by December 2.


We're working on it...


Round-trip rates of $628 to St. Petersburg, Russia are valid on departures through December 10 or December 24-March 17.  Blackout dates: December 18-22; January 2-8.  Add $30 per direction for Thursday-Saturday outbound and/or Friday-Sunday returns.  An 8-night minimum stay required.  Add $20 per round-trip for 7-night minimum stays.  Purchase by December 15.  Valid on Delta/KLM via Amsterdam.  Stopovers not permitted.

NEW NONSTOP ROUTE!  Daily nonstop service from Atlanta to Istanbul will be offered on Turkish Airlines starting May 16.  The carrier will operate Boeing 444-300ER aircraft (49 lie-flat Biz Class; 300 Economy).  Turkish Airlines offers deep discounts on connecting service to Europe and beyond (243 destinations served).  Outbound flight schedules will often require an overnight in Istanbul (no additional cost).  Sample round-trip rates: 
$699 Istanbul
$735 Malta (never lower with one connection route!)
$737 Bologna
$740 Naples
$749 Nice
$757 Lisbon
$770 Madrid
$785 Rome
$805 Vienna
$860 Male - gateway to the Maldives Atolls for superb diving and fancy island resorts
Travel is permitted any available day starting May 16.  Seats can be booked 341 days in advance -- making October 21 the last permitted day of travel.  A Saturday night stay is required; two months max.  Purchase by November 21.   Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance Member, has been chosen "Best Airline in Europe", "Best Airline in Southern Europe" and awarded "Best Business Class Onboard Catering", "Best Business Class Lounge Dining" in 2014 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

NEW!  Bundled Independent Air & Land Europe Package from Atlanta:  Per person rates from $1,182* per person, based on double occupancy includes round-trip airfare and a three-night stay in each of these cities: Prague - Vienna - Budapest.  Travelers will fly into Prague and out of Budapest and commute between cities by rail.  Daily breakfast is included (if offered at hotel) and all hotel taxes.  Rates are based on January-March travel.  Book this Tripmasters package by December 1.  Start the booking process at Travelzoo.

BIZ CLASS FARES! The total price for two passengers of $2,500 from Newark to London-Luton are offered during the all Business Class La Compagnie.  Depart any available day of the week through March 31.  Passengers flying on the airline's Boeing 757-200s will enjoy luxury seating with lie-flat bedding, high-end entertainment with personal Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Caudalie cosmetics kits, and a-la-carte cuisine created by a Michelin-star chef.  Purchase by January 31 at La Compagnie.  Service is nonstop.

BIZ CLASS DEALS! La Compagnie, the all-business-class airline, operates two Boeing 757-200s with 74 "lie-flat" seats in a 2x2 configuration. Inflight amenities include Samsung Galaxy Tablets preloaded with movies, newspapers, games and books, cosmetic amenity kits, Michelin-starred chef dining, premium liquors, and French wines. $1,500 Newark to Paris-CDG or London-Luton, per person
Complete travel on or before March 31.  Purchase by January 31.


NEW!  Travel to Auckland, New Zealand from Los Angeles at round-trip rates of $874 on departures through December 6 or December 23-January 31 departures.  Add $50 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel. Purchase by November 30. Valid on Air New Zealand, nonstop.  

TODAY! GO NOW!  Round-trip rates of $1,330 from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia require no advance notice of travel.  Travel any available day of the week on departures through July 23.  Valid on Air Canada via Vancouver.  Add $100 per round-trip per stopover.  Purchase by November 25.  Note: Compare to a round-trip rateof $1,922 on Qantas.


GO NOW! Round-trip rates of $684 to Shanghai or $704 to Beijing, China are offered on departures through December 10 or December 25-March 31.  No advance purchase required.  Travel Monday-Wednesday, Friday or Sunday each way.  A 10-night minimum stay required.  Purchase by December 10.  Valid on Delta via Detroit or Seattle.

Travel from Los Angeles to Denpasar, Bali at a round-trip rate of $823. Depart by January 1-May 31. Add $50 per direction for Friday, Saturday travel. No minimum stay required; one year max. Valid on Singapore Airlines via Singapore. One free stopover permitted. Purchase by December 20.

WOW!  Travel with Turkish Airlines to Asia!  Purchase these round-trip rates through February 15:
$679 Hong Kong
$882 Shanghai
$896 Beijing
Depart May 16-August 28.  Travel any available day of the week.  Stay one weekend or up to six months.  Routing is via Istanbul.  Two free stopovers permitted. Compare to rates of $1,500 on other carriers.


Rates of $868 to Marrakech and $870 round-trip to Casablanca, Morocco are valid on departures through December 10 or December 24-March 171 departures.  A 10-night minimum stay required.  Add $20 per round-trip for 7-night minimum stays.  Add $20 per direction for Thursday-Saturday departures and/or Friday-Sunday returns.    Stay one Saturday night or up to one month. Purchase by December 15. Valid on Delta via Paris or KLM via Amsterdam. Stopovers not permitted.

Travel to Johannesburg, South Africa at round-trip rates of $986 starting on or after May 16.  Travel any available day of the week.  Stay at least one Saturday night.  Valid on Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.  One free stopover permitted.  Purchase by February 15.


Drive south and save with Dollar Rental Car rates starting at $8.99 per day!  Pick up your car at participating neighborhood locations in Georgia* through November 28 and drop the vehicle at participating locations in Florida or South Carolina.  The rental can be kept no longer than 14 days.  *Excluded pick-up/drop-off locations include: Atlanta International Airport, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Panama City, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding Northwest Florida areas.

Road Trip!  Enjoy weekend rates starting from $9.99 per day (Economy or Compact) when you rent from Friday through Monday at participating neighborhood Enterprise locations.  This special rate, valid through May 23, includes 100 miles per day. 
Additional weekend discount rates:
$14.99 Intermediate 
$17.99 Standard
$19.99 Full Size

Board the bus.  Ride the rails.  Find the best routes and fares for trips across the U.S. and Canada at Wanderu.  It's all there - inter-city buses and trains between any two points.  Purchase tickets for the Acela Express, BoltBus, Greyhound, Megabus, Red Coach, and dozens more.

How to do score the lowest price on a rental car?  Here are several tips and pointers on saving the max! 

Search prices at gas filling stations in all 50 states and narrow down to the city or zip code at Fuel Price Finder, a free AAA source. Also, try out the Fuel Cost Calculator (enter start point/destination/vehicle make, year, model) to get the estimated fuel cost for your next road trip.


NEW!  Land hot hotel deals in New York City during the 5th Annual Hotel Week NYC, January 3-15.  Stay in top-rated and high end hotels at deep discounts during the event.  More than a dozen properties are participating -- many of which typically charge upwards of $500 per night.  Nightly rates of $100 and $200 offered on January 3-15 stays are exclusive of taxes (about $33 for a $200 room).  The Hotel Week NYC deals require specific booking instructions and/or applicable codes.  

British Airways offers special savings for AARP members on round-trip ticket purchases made at
Save $65 in World Traveller Economy Class
Save $130 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy
Save $400 in Club World Business Class or First Class
Customer must be an AARP member or must travel with an AARP member to be eligible for this exclusive offer.  The discount does not apply to open jaw journey (only round-trip with same origin and destination permitted).  Not valid if booked through BA call center or with a travel agent or travel website.  All discounted fares will be highlighted with a red 'Discount'.


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