Airfare rates noted here include ALL fees, surcharges and taxes, based on an Atlanta departure. See a deal you love? Take Clark's advice: Buy the offer immediately and then figure out why you want to go there! Major airlines accept reservations 341 days in advance. The reference "no expiration of travel" on this page indicates that the last permitted day of travel is July 28, 2016.  

*TROPICAL STORM ERIKA* may impact travel to/from/through the Caribbean.  If your flight is canceled or significantly delayed, you are entitled to a refund on most airlines.  Even if your flight is not canceled, most carriers will allow a one-time ticket change without a fee if you are scheduled to travel to, from, or through affected cities (do so on or before September 2 with most airlines).  Check your airline's website for up-to-date info regarding ticket changes due to Erika:

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These HOT deals have no ticket-by date and could vanish at anytime. Act fast on a purchase!

  • One-way rates of $40 to Dallas-Ft. Worth and $43 Chicago-O'Hare are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday travel completed on or before November 19.  A 21-day advance purchase required.  Valid on American, nonstop.
  • Check out these one-way rates from Delta!
    $68 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami / South: 10am-2pm Monday-Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday / North: 10am-2pm Tuesday-Saturday
    $68 Orlando / Daily South: 5-915am or 7pm-midnight / Daily North: 5-9am or 7pm-midnight
    $68 Tampa / Daily South: 7-10am or 8pm-midnight / Daily North: 5-8am or 5pm-midnight
    A 14-day advance purchase required.  No expiration of travel and no blackout dates!  Service is nonstop.
  • NEW!  American offers one-way rates on travel through December 16 -- and no blackout dates!  Book Thanksgiving trips now!
    $82 Denver
    $83 Phoenix (nonstop)
    $107 Las Vegas
    $110 Des Moines
    $112 Ontario, Orange County-Santa Ana or Tucson
    $117 San Diego
    $120 Salt Lake City
    $126 Nashville
    $155 Boise
    $162 Reno-Tahoe
    A 21-day advance purchase required.  Valid Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday through December 16.  No blackout dates.  Valid on American via Chicago, Charlotte or Dallas-Ft. Worth.
  • One-way rates to Long Beach, California are just $115 on trips completed on or before July 28, 2016.   A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day.  No blackout dates!  Valid on American via Phoenix.
  • One-way rates of $126 to Salt Lake City require a 14-day advance purchase notice.  Travel any available day.  Complete travel on or before April 11, 2016.  No blackout dates!  Valid on American via Dallas or Phoenix. 
  • LOWER!  Rates of $102 one-way to Portland, Maine are valid on any available day through December 15.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  No blackout dates.  Routing is via Newark on United.
  • Rates of $202 round-trip to Colorado Springs are valid on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday through December 16.  A 21-day advance purchase required.  Valid on American via Dallas-Ft. Worth.  
  • Delta offers nonstop flights to San Jose, California at rates of $250 round-trip.  Valid on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday through December 16.  A 21-day advance purchase and a Saturday night stay required.
  • Round-trip rates of $269 to San Francisco are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday travel through December 16.  No Thanksgiving blackout dates!  A 21-day advance purchase required.  Valid on American via Dallas-Ft. Worth.
  • NEW!  Rates of $378 round-trip to the Turks & Caicos Islands (airport code: PLS) are valid on trips finished on or before July 28, 2016!  A 7-day advance purchase required.  No minimum stay requirements.  Blackout dates: December 19-24, 26-28 south; December 31-January 6, 2016 north.  Valid on American via Miami.  One free stopover permitted.
  • Think Christmas!  United Airlines offers a round-trip rate of $401 to Aspen, $409 to Vail-Eagle and $425 to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for trips started on or after December 19 and through December 25.  Travel is permitted any available day during that week.  Routing is via Denver.  Stopovers not permitted.
  • HOT!  Travel with Alaska Airlines to Honolulu at a round-trip rate of $633 on departures through November 26 or December 3-15.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Add $25 per direction for Thursday-Saturday outbound and/or Friday-Sunday returns.  Blackout dates: November 20-22 to Hawaii; November 27-December 1 or December 27-January 5 to Atlanta.  Routing is via Seattle.  Stopovers of 23 hours or less permitted. 
  • Interested in uncovering more travel deals from around the country?  Check out Clark's National Travel Deals page.


EXTENDED!   Purchase these one-way deals by September 4:
$43 Chicago
$48 Miami or Philadelphia
$68 Los Angeles

A 7-day advance purchase required.  Valid Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday through December 16.  Blackout dates: September 3, 4, 7, 8; November 19-December 1.  Add $10 each way for travel any available day of the week.  

NEW!  Round-trip rates of $250 to Providence, Rhode Island are valid on trips completed on or before March 9, 2016.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Not valid Friday or Sunday.  Add $20 per round-trip for weekend travel.  Valid on flights operating between 6-11am each way.   Blackout dates: November 28-30; December 26-28; January 2, 3 or February 15.  Valid on Delta, nonstop.  Purchase by September 3.  

EXTENDED!  ALOHA!  Purchase these round-trip deals by September 4:
$660 Kona
$720 Honolulu or Maui

A 7-day advance purchase required.  Add just $10 for Friday-Sunday travel.  Depart through November 19 or November 25-December 12.  Return by November 28 or December 4-16.  A 3-night minimum stay required.  Valid on American via Los Angeles.




Check out the many new routes announced from various U.S. gateway cities at Clark's National Travel Deals page.  The following are new routes from Atlanta.

Turkish Airlines:
Istanbul, Turkey: May 16, 2016

Delta Air Lines:
Medellin and Cartagena, Colombia: December 19 (daily to Medellin; 3x weekly Cartagena).

Washington DC-Dulles: March 9 (two daily nonstops)

Spirit Airways:
Los Angeles: now
Boston: September 10
Ft. Myers: September 10-April, 2016


HURRY!  The following one-way deals from United Airlines (American and Delta match to select destinations) are valid on any available day of the week through July 28, 2016.  All destinations require one flight connection. 
$122 Ottawa, Ontario: No advance purchase required
$145 Calgary, Alberta: A 7-day advance purchase required.
$146 Halifax, Nova Scotia: A 30-day advance purchase required.
$168 Quebec City, Quebec: A 21-day advance purchase required.
$190 Montreal, Quebec: A 14-day advance purchase required. 

Looking for a deal to Toronto?  One-way rates average $300 and sales are rarely offered.  However, Delta and American offer a $169 one-way rate from Chattanooga.  Connection in ATL required on Delta; Charlotte on American.  A 30-day advance purchase required. 


NEW!  Purchase this one-way offer through September 3:
$158 Cancun
A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid southbound Sunday-Wednesday; Tuesday-Friday north. Depart August 25-December 16 - or January 11-March 3, 2016.  Blackout dates: September 3, 4; November 20-22; February 11-13 south; September 7; November 27-30, February 14, 15 north.  Service is nonstop.  Purchase at Southwest


NEW!  Purchase this one-way offer through September 3:
$189 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid only on Mondays through Thursdays.  Depart August 25-December 16 - or January 11-March 3, 2016.  Blackout dates: September 3, 4; November 20-22; February 11-13 south; September 7; November 27-30, February 14, 15 north.  Service is nonstop.  Purchase at Southwest

NEW!  Delta offers round-trip rates to the Caribbean on purchases made by September 3:
$354 Aruba
$376 Punta Cana
$426 Montego Bay
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week on southbound flights to DR operating between 8-10am; northbound between 3-6pm.  Travel is permitted Monday-Thursday only to/from Aruba and Jamaica.  Complete travel on or before December 16 - or - depart on or after January 11, 2016 and complete travel on or before March 3.    No blackout dates!  Service is nonstop.  

NEW!  Round-trip rates of $416 to San Jose, Costa Rica require a 14-day advance purchase notice.  Travel any available day of the week and complete travel on or before March 3, 2016.  No blackout dates.  Purchase by September 3.  Valid on American via Miami.  One free stopover permitted.


NEW NONSTOP ROUTE!  Daily nonstop service from Atlanta to Istanbul will be offered on Turkish Airlines starting May 16, 2016.  The carrier will operate Boeing 444-300ER aircraft (49 lie-flat Biz Class; 300 Economy).  Turkish Airlines offers deep discounts on connecting service to Europe and beyond (243 destinations served).  Outbound flight schedules will often require an overnight in Istanbul (no additional cost).  Sample round-trip rates: 
$699 Istanbul
$735 Malta (never lower with one connection routes!)
$737 Bologna
$740 Naples
$749 Nice
$757 Lisbon
$785 Rome
$805 Vienna
$860 Male - gateway to the Maldives Atolls for superb diving and fancy island resorts
Travel is permitted any available day starting May 16, 2016.  Seats can be booked 341 days in advance -- making July 28, 2016 the last permitted day of travel.  A Saturday night stay is required; two months max.  Purchase by September 10.   Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance Member, has been chosen "Best Airline in Europe", "Best Airline in Southern Europe" and awarded "Best Business Class Onboard Catering", "Best Business Class Lounge Dining" in 2014 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

HOLIDAY SEASON SALE!  Looking for deals on Business Class travel to Europe?  Delta is running a sale through September 7 for winter travel.  The new Delta One premium experience offers complimentary Delta Sky Club access, menu selections, flat-bed seats with direct aisle access and more luxurious amenities.  
Sample round-trip rates:
$2,658 Frankfurt
$3,589 Zurich
Outbound travel from U.S. to Europe is permitted between November 21-27 or December 14-January 2, 2016 departures.  Returns permitted November 26-December 2 or December 21-January 6, 2016.  Just a 3-night minimum stay required.  

NEW! The total price for two passengers of $2,500 from Newark to London-Luton or Paris are offered during the all Business Class La Compagnie.  Depart any available day of the week through December 15.  Passengers flying on the airline's Boeing 757-200s will enjoy luxury seating with lie-flat bedding, high-end entertainment with personal Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Caudalie cosmetics kits, and a-la-carte cuisine created by a Michelin-star chef.  Purchase by September 30 at La Compagnie.  Service is nonstop.

BIZ CLASS DEALS! La Compagnie, the all-business-class airline, operates two Boeing 757-200s with 74 "lie-flat" seats in a 2x2 configuration. Inflight amenities include Samsung Galaxy Tablets preloaded with movies, newspapers, games and books, cosmetic amenity kits, Michelin-starred chef dining, premium liquors, and French wines. $1,500 Newark to Paris-CDG or London-Luton, per person
Start travel on or after September 1 and complete travel on or before December 15.  Purchase by September 30.


Travel to Auckland, New Zealand from Los Angeles at round-trip rates of $1,067 on September 9-October 31 departures. No advance purchase required. Add $50 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel. Purchase by September 14. Valid on Air New Zealand, nonstop.  Rates from Atlanta, including nonstop travel to/from Los Angeles on Delta, start from $1,567 round-trip.


Travel from Los Angeles to Denpasar, Bali at a round-trip rate of $834. Depart by November 20. Add $50 per direction for Friday, Saturday travel. No minimum stay required; one year max. Valid on Singapore Airlines via Singapore. One free stopover permitted. Purchase by September 7.

NEW!  Travel with Turkish Airlines to Shanghai at a round-trip rate of $896 on May 16-August 20, 2016 departures.  Travel any available day of the week.  Stay one weekend or up to six months.  Routing is via Istanbul.  Two free stopovers permitted.  Purchase by September 10.  Compare to rates of $1,490 from other carriers.

NEW!  Singapore Airlines is offering flight specials from the U.S. to Singapore and other Southeast Asian destinations to celebrate the nation-state's 50th anniversary. Round-trip rates to Singapore start from $850 from these gateway cities:
New York-JFK
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Add an additional $50 to continue to other Singapore Airlines destinations, such as Bali, Bangkok, Phuket, and Ho Chi Minh City. 
The airline also offers an affordable Singapore Stopover package with free to discounted city tours from Singapore's Changi International Airport (5+hour layover), ranked #1 World's Best Airport by CNTraveler readers.
Purchase the promotional sale rates at Singapore Airlines through September 27 for September 1-May 31, 2016 travel.  


Travel round-trip to Nairobi, Kenya at a rate of $932 on Lufthansa.  A 7-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Depart by December 6 or January 10-March 31, 2016.  Routing is via Frankfurt.  Service is not offered daily.  Stops not permitted.  British Airways to Nairobi is $966 round-trip with a forced stopover on London enroute to Kenya (enjoy London for one or more days).  Purchase by September 10.

Rates of $950 round-trip to Casablanca, Morocco are valid departures through July 281 or August 26-October 25 departures. A 7-day advance purchase required. Add $30 per direction for Thursday-Saturday departures; Friday-Sunday returns. Stay one Saturday night or up to a year. Purchase by September 8. Valid on Delta via Paris. Stopovers not permitted.


Search prices at gas filling stations in all 50 states and narrow down to the city or zip code at Fuel Price Finder, a free AAA source. Also, try out the Fuel Cost Calculator (enter start point/destination/vehicle make, year, model) to get the estimated fuel cost for your next road trip.

AutoSlash searches the web for discount coupons on car rentals that coordinate with your car reservation and applies them after you book. It then continually checks for lower rates and coupons until your trip date and automatically applies any discounts it finds.

Board the bus.  Ride the rails.  Find the best routes and fares for trips across the U.S. and Canada at Wanderu.  It's all there - inter-city buses and trains between any two points.  Purchase tickets for the Acela Express, BoltBus, Greyhound, Megabus, Red Coach and dozens more.


NEW! In the spirit of the Smithsonian Museums, which offer free admission every day, Museum Day Live! is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian magazine in which participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Live! ticket -- free -- on Saturday, September 26.  The Museum Day Live! ticket provides free admission for two people.  View the list of participating locations (including the High Museum of Art) across the nation.  

ON NOW!  Now through September, enjoy three-course, prix fixe dinners for $33 during Orlando's Magical Dining Month.  More than 70 Orlando area restaurants are participating.  Advance reservations are encouraged.  
You won't fork over much during Dine Out Lauderdale, through October 12, at more than 35 Broward County eateries. Fixed price menus offer an appetizer, entree and dessert for $35. 
During Flavor Palm Beach, through September 30, sample top culinary creations at 51 restaurants from Boca Raton to West Palm Beach. Three-course menus are $20 for lunch and $30 to $35 for dinner. 
Throughout September, Miami Spice Month offers three-course meals from world-renowned chefs. Lunches are $23 and dinners are $39.

British Airways offers special savings for AARP members on round-trip ticket purchases made at
Save $65 in World Traveller Economy Class
Save $130 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy
Save $400 in Club World Business Class or First Class
Customer must be an AARP member or must travel with an AARP member to be eligible for this exclusive offer.  Valid for outbound travel through March 31, 2016.  Tickets must be purchased on or before October 31.  The discount does not apply to open jaw journey (only round-trip with same origin and destination permitted).  Not valid if booked through BA call center or with a travel agent or travel website.  All discounted fares will be highlighted with a red 'Discount'.


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