The nation's largest cable operator is about to stick it to customers who buy basic cable. Fortunately, you have an alternative that offers a better signal for free!

Comcast is set to scramble the signal on basic cable for customers in some markets who don't use a set-top box to get the signal into their TV, according to GigaOm.

The company wants to force you to take a digital TV adapter from them for free for 24 months. But after that, there will be a monthly rental charge for the adapter in addition to what you pay for basic cable.

This is yet another signal telling you to go to and see if you can pick up local channels at your home address over the air. If so, you don't even need to buy basic cable.

In fact, you actually get a superior picture over the thin air with a modern flat-screen TV vs. the compressed signal delivered by satellite or cable.

If you are ambivalent about TV, why pay for it? If you can get that signal through thin air, get it!

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