Deborah, the technical whiz behind The Clark Howard Show, is responsible for running the soundboard and making sure all the elements of the show are in sync.  
A long time radio announcer producer, she joined the team in September 2000 and says she's getting a great consumer education from a great group of people.  
When she's not running the control room for Clark's show, Deborah can be heard in radio and television spots and, occasionally, on the stages of Atlanta and Athens clubs. A well-known local talent, she has been lead and backing vocalist for several bands and artists over the years, ranging from rock to pop to soulful rock and blues.  
Though digitally astute, Deborah is a partner in a Web site dedicated to the joys of analog, specializing in turntable styluses and cartridges, vinyl, posters and memorabilia at Turnabout Records.
Deborah holds a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of Georgia, and has years of writing experience as a film reviewer.  
Deborah enjoys reading, writing, working on her Athens farmhouse and forging beyond the wreckage that is pop culture in search of meaning. Satire helps.