Are you doing an effective job monitoring your kids when they're on the Internet? Get some tips on how to "porn-proof" your gadgets.

A new study reported on in USA Today  claims that parents say their kids have inadvertently found porn on the Internet by age 6 and intentionally flirt online by age 8.

In my house, I have a 9 p.m. rule where no one in the house gets online after that hour at night. Such a curfew allows my wife and I to have some chill time to actually have a conversation with each other after the kids go to sleep.

If you have an Apple product, I found a helpful article that tells you how to porn-proof your gadgets so you kids don't see something they shouldn't.

Meanwhile, my 13 year old has been pleading with me to have her computer in her bedroom. But I have a firm rule prohibiting that. My daughter is allowed to use her computer only when she's supervised in a common area like the family's home office.

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