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  • Charity Donation Guide


    Before donating to any charity, you want to be sure that the lion's share of the money will go where it's needed.  Every charity has different overhead costs. You can research...

  • Early January marks one of the best times to visit thrift stores


    On New Year's Eve, my wife sent me to a local Goodwill to donate a variety of household items and clothes so we could take a deduction on last year's taxes.So there I was, backing up my car up to...

  • Meet me at Clark's Christmas Kids 2014


    Meet me at Atlanta-area Walmart now through Sunday December 14. We're taking care of Christmas for over 5,000 foster children in my 24th annual toy drive. Join us in this great effort to help...

  • 3 Emotional Benefits of Giving


    When we think about money, we don’t necessarily think about our emotions. But if we took one look at our money “language” we’d realize emotions have everything to do with...

  • State Defense Force Sign Up


    State Organization name Contact name Contact number Alabama Alabama State Defense Force Robert Marsh (334) 774-6047 Alaska Alaska...

  • Breaking Scam Alert: Ice Bucket Challenge Email Scam


    Time and time again, Americans prove themselves to be the most generous people on planet Earth. But I don't want you to let that generous spirit be taken advantage of! It seems like you can't go...

  • Clark Howard's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


    Clark Howard joins the 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and nominates Neal Boortz to follow!

  • Don't risk ID theft with second-hand donations


    Before you donate your household goods to a charitable donation outlet, take measures to protect yourself from potential identity theft. When people donate goods to Goodwill, Salvation Army or...

  • Make the most of your charity donation


    When you give a dollar to a charity, how do you know that money is going to its intended recipients? Here's how to make every dollar you give count.

  • Clark's 50th Atlanta Habitat Home Dedication


    Clark Howard dedicates his 50th home built with Atlanta Habitat to his listeners, viewers and website readers. March 2013.

  • Smart giving: Avoiding charity donation scams


    People are more charitable during the holiday season--and the hucksters know it. Here are some tips for avoiding charity donation scams.

  • Clark's No-Giftcard Gift Certificate


    Clark can't stand gift cards! He'd rather you give cash so your friends and family never have to hassle with expiration dates, fees, limited choices or rules. Next time you give cash for...

  • Clark's advice for year-end charitable giving


    How you can be sure your charitable donations are going to the people and places they're intended for? Here's how to vet charities before you fork over your dollars.

  • Timelapse of Clark Howard's Habitat Build in Joplin MO, May 2012


    Timelapse of Clark Howard's Habitat for Humanity gig in Joplin MO, 2012. Watch the walls go up in fast-motion!

  • A year-end guide for charitable giving


    Each year at this time, Americans prove themselves to be the most generous people on planet Earth. We as a nation give more to charity than any other people anywhere else. But if you are...