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  • How To Avoid Fraud With Herbal Supplements


    Do you take herbal supplements? The sad news is you might not be getting what you pay for... The attorney general of New York State tested a variety of herbal remedies at Walmart, Walgreens,...

  • Dry Heat Saunas Drastically Reduce Heart Disease


    There's a magic way to reduce male heart attacks by two-thirds and it doesn't involve any pills! Dry heat saunas are the poor man's pharmacy A Finnish study written up in U.K. newspaper The...

  • This company revives doctor house calls


    A metro Atlanta company is bringing back the house call with a modern twist. How does the cost compare with Urgent Care or E.R.?

  • Prescription Plan Guide


    Prescription Plans for Less - 14 day supply of select antibiotics for FREE - 30-day supply of select generic drugs for $4 or a 90-day supply for $10 -...

  • 10 Gluten-Free Whole Grains You Probably Weren't Aware Of


    With the rise of celiac disease, wheat allergies, and gluten intolerance, many people are turning to other gluten-free grains so that they can still enjoy the foods they're used to. The...

  • Prosthetics Can Be Made Affordable With 3-D Printers


    If you end up losing a body part, prosthetics can be expensive. But the miracle of new technology has a cost-effective answer. Here's a look at the emerging field of cheap...

  • Beware of ER-Like Facilities That Look Like Urgent Care


    Need quick medical care for an emergency? Be careful what type of facility you walk into. There's a difference big between urgent care facilities and stand-alone emergency room facilities. While...

  • Sit all day at work? How to reverse the damage


    If you sit all day at work, you could be shortening your lifespan by a few years. But you can get that time back with one change to your daily routine.

  • Clark's 33-cent lumbar support solution


    Suffering with pain from a bad back like Clark? Clark devised an easy alternative to a $50 lumbar support for just 33 cents!

  • Future of health care: Custom medicine


    Imagine a world where you can get medicine that's tailored specifically for your individual DNA...

  • Early detection of cancer...from dogs?!


    Early detection for prostate and other forms of cancer could be coming from an unlikely source: Your furry 4-legged friend. Clark has the scoop.

  • 4 Simple Alternatives To Mosquito Repellent


    As you go outside this summer, the mosquitos are sure to bite you. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to repel them without using DEET. The suggestion I hear most often made is don't go...

  • Emergency Room Alternatives


    If you have a minor ailment, don't head to the E.R. or your wallet will be hurting too. You have better alternatives.

  • Nurse Practitioners Help You Save Money on Medical Care


    Your access to health care is getting easier in America today.I've talked in the past about "nurse-in-a-box clinics" at retail storefronts that offer care 7 days a week from nurse...

  • Technology that reminds you to work out


    New techy bracelets will zap you to remind you to exercise…but is it worth the pain?