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  • 9 Things To Ask Before Selling Your Home


    Just the other day I got an ad in the mail from a real estate agent. The bold print screamed "PRICES ARE UP 15% FROM LAST YEAR" and "HOMES ARE SELLING...

  • HOA fees can become a budget buster


    When you’re buying in a mandatory homeowners association (HOA), fees that seem reasonable today could skyrocket quickly. Two generations ago, there were almost no condos in the U.S. and no...

  • Save on home heating bills this winter


    Clark shares some ways to cut your energy bills down this winter.

  • Ongoing battle of secondhand smoke


    Some homeowners associations are now banning smoking... inside people's own homes! Here's Clark's take on the never-ending battle of secondhand smoke.

  • Secondhand smoke battle: Indoor smoking bans?


    Smokers' rights are disappearing fast. Now some want to ban smoking inside one's very own home. Check out this story: The Orange County Register reports that a jury trial in California...

  • Local regulations may ban backyard chicken coops


    Chickn coops at people's homes are becoming a big trend in America. Of things I'd want to own at my home, chickens don't make the list! They're messy, they're smelly, and they're labor intensive....

  • New warnings about buying in the condo market


    I have some new warnings for you before you buy a condo. Let me say first that the first real estate purchase I ever made was a foreclosure condo in 1978. I still own it and it's been a very...

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