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Posted: 2:53 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010

Clark's favorite wallet is on discount for the holidays

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Years ago, Clark found out from a listener about a wallet made from parachute material. After buying one, he discovered that the material solved the problem of having a bulging billfold or "fat wallet syndrome" as it's sometimes called.

The wallet's manufacturer is a company called ALL-ETT Billfolds -- pronounced like "wallet" without the "w" sound -- and they pride themselves on making what's advertised as the "original world's thinnest wallet."

The consumer champ will be the first to admit that his original ALL-ETT was ugly. In fact, he was only able to recognize it after being mugged once in Madrid because it was so unmistakably hideous looking!

After happily owning this wallet for several years, Clark later saw a chic leather-coated ALL-ETT that still featured a parachute interior. Well, he just had to have it! Though it cost him $29.95 at the time, he thinks it's been well worth the purchase price.

Right now, however, his wallet is being discounted by 25% for Christmas. That makes his crinkly, ugly original model $14 and change, while the leather model is reduced from $35 to $26. Clark knows he's messing up his cheap reputation talking about something that's so frightfully expensive. But he truly loves his wallet!

If you want advice on how to pick up a basic men's wallet for cheap, try after Father's Day and Christmas. Retailers are overstocked with them at those points, so you can usually find some deals in the single digits.

  • comment(9)