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Posted: 11:33 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014

5 Cheap Options for Organic Food

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By Clark Howard

Looking to save money and eat healthy? Cheap options for organic food are available.

Several new developments in the grocery field could help you get fresh and organic items more easily than before. Whole Foods isn't the only game in town!

Here are 5 cheap options for healthy organics

1. Target has a house brand of organic and natural foods called Simply Balanced. There are 250 products in the line and almost half are USDA-certified organics. All Simply Balanced products are free of artificial colors and preservatives.

The Red Retailer is looking to capture the same shopper who might buy fancy groceries at Whole Foods. About 80% of Simply Balanced products will be free of ingredients with GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Target’s goal is to head to 100%.

Many companies are trying to get GMOs out of their food chain because of public perception about them. Connecticut became the first state to approve GMO labeling. Other states in New England are looking at following suit. Expect the food industry to fight back and fight hard because they do not want that mark of shame!

2. There's a new chain called Fresh Thyme Farmers Market opening in the Midwest that is positioning itself as a place for fresh unprocessed food at an everyday kind of price. Fresh Thyme is looking to expand further around the country as the market warrants it.

3. Walmart has a partnership with Wild Oats that offers organics at 25% less than national competitors. In addition, you can also look for the bright green "Great For You" label on a wide range of both organic and non-organic healthy products at the store.

Meanwhile, the nation's largest retailer also recognizes it has an ugly problem in the produce department – namely, that their produce looks horrible. So they are spending significant money training employees to get fresher produce on the shelves and remove produce that has spoiled. In addition, The Los Angeles Times reports Walmart is shooting to source 80% of their produce directly from local growers.

4. Kroger has its own branded organic line called Simple Truth. It's a private label which has sales by itself that exceed the annual sales of a lot of entire supermarket chains in the United States!

5. Trader Joe's is like a cheaper version of Whole Foods. They have a great sales force and a theatrical presentation. Plus, the store sells brand name products under its own private label at half off what you'd pay at a traditional supermarket.

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