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Posted: 6:00 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014

Best cash-back reward credit cards of 2014

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By Clark Howard

What is the best reward credit card to use? That's a trick question because it's not 1 card, but 2 cards!

Consumer Reports says for most people in most cases, 2 reward credit cards are better than 1. You get the greatest total amount of rewards by using 2 for different kinds of purchases.

In the course of its research, Consumer Reports kept coming back to a couple of cards that are best for tandem use:


Curious how you would put more than one card into play in your life? Check out this real-life example...

My executive producer Christa uses her Costco American Express for general purchases. Then she has an American Express Blue Cash that pays 6% on groceries and 3% on gasoline used *only* for groceries and gas. (This card has an annual fee, but it could be worth it for families that spend a lot in these categories.) She also has a third card, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa, that also has dining points, so she's tied that in to her OpenTable (free app) account to get cash back when she makes restaurant reservations.

As for you, if you're wondering which reward credit cards make the most sense in your life, check out It's a free site where you'll be able to enter your exact charge patterns to learn the answer.

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