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Posted: 11:42 a.m. Monday, Nov. 29, 2010

Bogus insurance charges being snuck on monthly credit card statements

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RIP-OFF ALERT: For as long as Clark has been on the air, he's told you about why you should look at bank statements every month when they come in. Now he has a new reason to share why you should heed that advice.

The Wall Street Journal reports some banks are putting insurance charges on customers' credit card statements without ever having asked them if they want the coverage in the first place. The funny thing is the insurance protects the bank in the event the customer can't pay the bill!

So they are billing you an insurance premium without your knowledge or consent, with the only disclosure being that it shows up on your statement accompanied by an innocuous term. Unless you pay close attention, you could get taken for a lot of money.

In one example, The Wall Street Journal found a retiree on disability that was being charged for unemployment insurance! And we're not just talking about a dollar here and a dollar there. In a separate instance, another person was being charged over $100 each month for garbage insurance.

Your job is to not roll over and play dead. Go over your statements line item by line item. Clark looks at his the day they come in. That's how he found somebody stole his credit card number and was buying airline tickets to fly all over the world. He was most upset that he didn't get to take the trips himself! Then the bank made him do affidavits and all sorts of paperwork to prove he was not the bad guy.

If you have a bank hitting you with these insurance charges, just fire them. Go get another card and don't use the original card ever again. Don't cancel the original account, just don't use that card ever again.

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