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Posted: 2:59 p.m. Tuesday, March 18, 2014

High Quality Toilet Paper Comes Cheap

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By Clark Howard

Think you have to spend a lot for high quality toilet paper? Think again.

Consumer Reports  says the best toilet paper in America is a Wal-Mart exclusive -- White Cloud 3-ply Ultra Soft and Thick. At 25 cents per 100 sheets, White Cloud got a high score of 88 based on softness, strength, disintegration, and tearing ease.

In second place, Charmin Ultra Strong got a score of 71 and costs 41 cents per 100 sheets. In third place, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush scored 70 and costs 38 cents per 100 sheets. Two store brands -- Target's Up & Up (20 cents per 100 sheets) and Walmart's other private label  Great Value Ultra Strong (27 cents) came in fourth and fifth.

My beloved Costco brand, Kirkland Signature, checked in with a mediocre score of 51 though it only costs 12 cents per 100 sheets, almost the cheapest brand sampled.

The absolutely cheapest option was Scott 1000, which cost 8 cents per 100 sheets, but had the lowest score of all on the Consumer Reports tally -- a 24. Ouch!

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  • comment(78)