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Posted: 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More advice to extend the life of disposable razors

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In February 2006, a gentleman called the show and spoke about using the same razor for a year. He revealed that blades don't degrade from shaving, but instead corrode from the moisture that collects on them once you're done shaving.

Clark took the man's advice to heart and tried his recommendation to dry your razor after each use. The consumer champ soon discovered he was routinely able to take a cheap disposable razor and make it last for the better part of a year simply by blotting it on a towel before putting it away.

That can mean big bucks back in your pocket -- especially if you're accustomed to burning through an expensive razor every week or two!

Clark always thought he was doing great...until he spoke to a manager at a local bagel shop. The manager informed him that he'd been using the same Schick blade for three years by drying the blade! Best of all, the manager reported no nicks whatsoever.

Shortly after that conversation, Clark saw an article on that was sent to us by a listener. The article opened with the tip about drying your razor to extend its life.

But it also contained one other piece of unorthodox advice: "When your razor blade appears to be getting a little dull, rub it backwards about 10 times on your arm. The skin acts like an old-fashioned leather strap and sharpens the blade!"

Clark does not recommend running a razor backwards over your arm. In fact, he admits to being so clumsy that he'd likely cut himself if he were to try it!

But if you want to try sharpening your blade, Clark suggests using a pair of jeans instead of your arm.

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