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Posted: 6:00 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013

Turn your unwanted gift cards into cash

By Clark Howard

The next time you need to buy something, wouldn't it be nice to get it at a discount? A slew of websites offering discounted gift cards came make it happen for you.

This is the kind of deal that works both ways for sellers and for buyers. Here's the scenario: Say you get a gift card you don't want. Do you just leave it sitting unloved in a drawer somewhere? No! Try selling it online and turn it into cash.

Websites like,,, and offer you the opportunity to unload unwanted gift cards. Sellers can typically expect to make about 70-80 cents back on the dollar. Buyers, meanwhile, can find gift cards discounted up to 30% off the face value. The websites themselves make money on the buy/sell spread.

The cards are typically guaranteed to work for up 180 days after purchase (depending on e-tailer). So don't let that unloved plastic gather dust in a drawer this season. Discount gift card sites can save or make you some big money.

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