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Posted: 1:26 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014

The American spirit triumphs at CES 2014

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By Clark Howard

Today I'm broadcasting live from Las Vegas for CES 2014, the International Consumer Electronics Show. And all I can say is…wow!

This is like the SuperBowl and World Series tied up in one for me. It's great to be here and see the innovation at CES. But it's the spirit of fellow Americans that has really impressed me the most.

Earlier today, I talked to a guy who wrote software for interactive TVs. He's working the floor trying to convince big companies to buy his code. Turns out he happens to be a listener of my show from Los Angeles and he couldn't afford a booth!

One guy, one idea, no capital…but he's trying to make it happen. And he's just one of the many people I've met. Then at the other extreme, you have some companies that pour millions of dollars into their exhibits.

At the same time, I logged onto The Wall Street Journal  this morning and saw a dispatch from CES headlined, "TV Makers Are Out of Ideas." C'mon! Is it possible to be any more Debbie Downer?!

But not me. As I look around CES, I see unbelievable things coming down the pike. I mean cars that will be on the road in a few months or the next year. 3D printing all over the exhibit halls. And big TVs, small screens, and everything in between.

One bit of advice I have if you're planning to buy a TV this year: Don't worry about the brand. Get the cheapest one you can get in the screen size you want. Because the new 4K technology is coming and what you buy today will soon be obsolete technology.

Think of the TV purchase you make today as a transitional one until 4K reaches mass market prices in the next couple of years.

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