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Posted: 6:00 a.m. Monday, Sept. 30, 2013

Cheap way to get new e-book titles

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By Clark Howard

Book lovers no longer need have "service envy" toward Hulu Plus and Netflix customers who can binge on endless TV. You're getting a similar service of your very own!

Oyster is a new service for e-book readers that offers unlimited books on an all you can eat monthly subscription model. For $9.95 each month, you get access to about 100,000 titles. To give you a sense,  a typicall e-seller could have up to a couple million titles for sale. So Oyster has some catching up to do, but I'm sure they'll get agreements with publishers in place soon.

The Oyster service is so far only available for iPhone and iPod Touch. In some of the media reports I've read, it's been called a "Netflix for books."

I think $9.95 is a buck or two too high, but the marketplace will ultimately decide. This service could work well for avid book readers, particularly if you read a book or more a week. You'd only pay a little more than $100 for a whole year's worth of digital books.

Of course, some people still love the tacit appeal of a physical book, but others love reading on a tablet or even a larger screen smartphone.

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