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Posted: 4:17 p.m. Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Slidejoy App Pays You To Use Your Phone

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By Clark Howard

A lot of apps like my new one for Apple and Android are free to download, but what about an app that pays you to have it?

Several members of my staff and myself are testing a free app called Slidejoy that was launched earlier this week. Slidejoy serves ads up on your phone's lock screen, and you get paid to view them.

With Slidejoy, when you download the app and ads appear on your lock screen, you just slide them off to get to your home screen. Sliding to the right dismisses the ad immediately. Sliding to the left takes you to the advertiser's website, video or download page for more information.

I told you last year about a similar app called Locket. Locket is still out there, but it doesn't pay you anymore, so I don't really see the value in it.

So what do you get paid to have Slidejoy on your phone? The company officially says it will be between $5 and $15 a month, according to a CNET article. In about 2 weeks, one of my staffers has earned $1 so far. (The money can be remitted via check, PayPal transfre or donated to a partner charity.)

Slidejoy is only available for Android at this point, but an iOS app is due by fall 2014.

As for me playing around with Slidejoy, so far I've viewed ads for the Adidas Spring Blade Razor shoe and a Groupon offer for Puma men's boxer briefs that cost $16.99. $16.99?! Really? Boy, they got the wrong guy for that offer!

Other advertisers Slidejoy is working with include Sephora,, Best Buy, Target, J. Crew, and Macy's, according to the CNET article.

Meanwhile, visit if you're interested in downloading my free app. You'll get access my advice, guides, and free podcasts anytime, at your fingertips.

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