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Posted: 6:00 a.m. Friday, Dec. 13, 2013

Clarkrageous Moment

Is your smart TV spying on you?

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By Clark Howard

You've heard of the government spying on you and even businesses spying on you. But have you heard of your TV spying on you?!

If you're not familiar with "smart TVs," they are modern flatscreen TVs with built-in apps allowing you to access online content like Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime much more easily than you would access traditional broadcast content.

Well, now comes word that LG smart TVs were spying on what, when, and how customers watched whatever they were watching. In addition, LG was gathering the names of files stored on external USB drives that were connected to their smart TVs, according to 

The information was harvested to share with advertisers and to use for making viewer recommendations. After LG was called out, the company said you could turn the spy feature off. But then it came out that even *after* you supposedly turned it off, they were still spying on you! That's absolutely Clarkrageous.

So if you have an LG smart TV, there's now a firmware update that will show up on your TV. If you accept it, it will allow you to turn off the spy feature for good.

This is in the category of extra creepy that a TV was spying on your viewing habits. As the company said, "LG regrets any concerns these reports may have caused and will continue to strive to meet the expectations of all our customers and the public. We hope this update clears up any confusion." Is that the most non-apology apology you've ever heard? Companies undermine their credibility when they make a mistake and still can't admit it.

Shame on you, LG.

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