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Posted: 6:00 a.m. Friday, April 26, 2013

Computers and laptops are a deal

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By Clark Howard

Computer sales just had the biggest drop in history of the PC ever. Sales have fallen off a cliff. Nobody wants one anymore because of the tablet revolution.

Tablets are great. I travel with both a tablet and a MacBook Air. Yet the MacBook gets 95% of my eyeball time. That's because a computer or laptop gives you so many capabilities with the keypad and the better ease of surfing versus a tablet.

You can get a basic laptop now for $200. I just fully loaded 17-inch laptops for $349. A year ago, those might have been well over $1,000.

The economics are so positive for you. So yes, tablets have a role to play. Speaking of which, this coming Christmas, you'll be able to get a nice Android tablet for $99. Not an off-brand, a name brand. They're great for consuming content, but not so great for doing any kind of work.

Ultimately, there's a need for both. I know some people have bought an add-on keyboard for tablets and feel like that's sufficient. Microsoft also has some laptop-tablet combos. But for me, the simple answer is traveling with both.

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