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Posted: 2:10 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014

Cheap Airfares to Hawaii and Elsewhere!

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By Clark Howard

If you daydream about going to Hawaii, I've got breaking news for you that will make it cheaper getting there.

Check out these cheap tickets to Hawaii

Allegiant Air has a sale from West Coast destinations flying to Hawaii that starts as low as Los Angeles to Honolulu at $288 round-trip (RT).

That's forced others who fly to the islands to offer their own discounts, though not quite as cheap. Hawaiian Air is offering deals to Maui for $444 RT from the West Coast.

Meanwhile, out of Seattle, I'm seeing fares to Asia starting around $650 RT and many more priced in the $700s RT. The next 2 weeks are going to be key to saving money through the fall on leisure travel.

Coast to coast deals abound too around this time of  year. Virgin America -- which by some measures is the best in the skies -- has a sale offering good fares on that front.

Some other crazy offers I've seen is include Frontier Air doing $19 to Washington D.C. from Detroit, Florida, Charlotte, and other locations -- if you can find seats. You can't even get to the airport for that price in some places! Frontier is an aggressive discounter with a typical fare around $59.

Note that all of the carriers I've mentioned so far are discounters, not full-fare airlines.

This has been a year of extremely high airfares at American, United, and Delta as they've consolidated their chokehold on domestic and international travel. The 3 full-fare airlines are only interested in high-value customers; they don't care about leisure travelers.

Announcing new national travel deals and social media pages

Clearly, the calendar has just hit the point where real deals on travel are popping up for the slower fall travel season. That's led to something new on

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You wanted it, you got it!

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