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  • Banking's Wall of Shame: Is Your Institution on It?


    If your credit card issuer is mistreating you, or if you're having trouble with your mortgage lender, you've got a new place to turn for help. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau...

  • Free Ways To Transfer Money


    Looking to send money from person to person without spending a fortune? There are more options coming into the marketplace. Walmart is getting into the cash wire business with a new service...

  • Why You Need To Turn Paper Statements Back On


    Another day, another report about major security breaches! I read recently about a ring of hackers figured out how to break into the big banks' back office system in the fall of 2013. To...

  • Best Websites To Get A Small Business Loan


    Getting a loan as a small business or an entrepreneur isn't easy. Thankfully, microloans financiers and peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders have stepped up with funds. Here's a look at the...

  • New way to save money...automatically


    There's a free program that will really help you save money – without having to lift a finger.

  • Is Apple Pay secure enough yet?


    Clark looks at some serious security concerns for people using Apple Pay. Is it ready for prime time?

  • The Best Banks Are Not Banks At All...


    Looking for the best bank in America? Don't look at any of the bigs like Bank of America, Chase, Well Fargo, or Citibank. Credit unions are king I have long believed companies that...

  • Should you take a longer loan to lower car payments?


    Buying a car? You might be tempted to take out a longer loan to lower your payments. Clark weighs in on this popular practice.

  • Sample Letter: Stop Automatic Payments


    To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to request that you stop (insert company's name) from making future automatic withdrawals from my checking account. These charges are unauthorized. I...

  • Facebook to offer free money transfers


    Facebook wants to make transferring money easier with a new app that will let you do it for free.

  • Bi-monthly mortgage plans can be a ripoff


    Many homeowners looking to pay off their mortgage early are setting up official bi-monthly payment plans. Why it’s a bad idea, and what to do instead.

  • Get a better credit card deal with no-balance transfers


    Here’s a way to lower your credit card interest rate and pay off that balance sooner.

  • How To Bypass the Banks for a Loan


    Having trouble borrowing money for a personal loan at a bank? I want to talk to you about another opportunity called peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Try these options if you can't borrow from a...

  • Survey: The best and worst banks


    Some of the biggest banks in the country had some of the worst customer service in a recent survey. Clark tells you who ranks the worst, and which banks are the best.

  • 3 Credit Cards With Balance Transfer Offers of $0


    Are you wheezing on holiday credit card debt? A credit card with the right balance transfer offer can help you get out from underneath that mountain. It's easy to find credit cards that...