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Meet our Contributors

James Bragg, Contributor

James Bragg has been a full-time consumer advocate/activist for over 20 years as the day-to-day, hands-on founder/manager of FightingChance.

Crystal Collins, Contributor

Crystal Collins -- a DealPro -- is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate, and thrifty as can be.

Karen Cordaway, Contributor

Karen Cordaway is a former shopaholic who spent years wasting money until she learned how to stop by reading personal finance books and teaching herself how to budget and save.

Mark and Lauren Greutman, Contributors

Mark and Lauren Greutman were once in over $40,000 in debt and running a $1,000 deficit per month. They changed their life around, got out of debt, and now teach others how to budget and be debt free on their website MarkandLaurenG.

Kali Hawlk, Contributor

Kali Hawlk is the founder of Common Sense Millennial, a resource for members of Gen Y who want to do more with their money.

Deacon Hayes, Contributor

Deacon Hayes is the founder of which helps people get out of debt in a short period of time.

Mike Jelinek, Contributor

Mike Jelinek is a financial contributor for The Simple Dollar and head of content at He writes about personal finance topics, like credit cards, and finds the truth about a variety of products and services across different industries.

Jennifer Keitt, Contributor

Jennifer Keitt is author of the book Shake Up Your Life: 30 Steps to Powerful Brilliant Living. She has earned honors for her contributions to women globally as host and executive producer of The Jennifer Keitt Show and the Today’s Black Woman Radio Show.

Jennifer Kindle, Contributor

Jennifer Kindle is the author of How To Buy a House on Minimum Wage, an Amazon ebook. She is a low-income single mom who refuses to let poverty win.

Melissa King, Contributor

Melissa King, a DealPro, lives in Savannah, GA. She enjoys "Paying It Forward" in her community.

David Lardner, Contributor

David Lardner is a volunteer at Team Clark Howard's Consumer Action Center.

Joel Larsgaard

I love saving money. And drinking good beer. Eternal optimist. Founder of, and producer for The Clark Howard Show.

Wes Moss, Contributor

Wes Moss is the host of the Money Matters radio show on WSB Radio, host of the TV show Atlanta Tech Edge on Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, and Chief Investment Strategist at Capital Investment Advisors.

Andy Prescott, Contributor

Andy Prescott is a CPA and the author of, a website he describes as an instruction manual to saving money.

Theo Thimou, Director of Content

Theo is director of content for He has co-written 2 books with Clark Howard, including the #1 New York Times bestseller Clark Howard's Living Large in Lean Times.

Mike Timmermann, Contributor

Michael Timmermann paid off his mortgage in two years. Now, he shares his money-saving tips on his blog, Save on Almost Everything.

Jannet Walsh, Contributor

Jannet Walsh loves cutting-edge innovation and using new technology to engage people’s attention in today’s social media world.