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Couple accepting the keys to a home from a real estate agent

4 Ways To Get the Best Deal on a Mortgage

Most people get intimidated by the mortgage process. Follows these 4 steps from contributor Kali Hawlk to take control and get the best deal!!

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Where Can You Turn as a Small Investor?

If you're a small investor, where can you turn and what can you do when you need investment advice? Free and pay investing advice for the small investor With investing, it's like an alphabet soup.

Used car salesman

Best and Worst Used Cars

So much has been written about how to buy a new car. But truth be told, far more people buy used than they do new.

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Apple Pay on iPhone

How Apple Pay Is Being Exploited by Criminals

Criminal rings have found a way to exploit a loophole in the communication between banks and Apple Pay that you need to know about.