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Darth Vader takes a cellphone call from the dark side

Robocalls Annoy You? Here's How One Man Got $22,500 for His Inconvenience

Feeling frustrated by robocalls on your cellphone? Imagine being able to make the company behind the automatic dialing pay you $500 or more per call!

Restaurant staff members

Customers Asked To Pay for Employee Health Care at Restaurants

Have you taken a close look at your bill when you've dined out recently? There may be an added line charge.

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Army doctor with patient

Why You May Want To Pay Cash for Medical Care

With open enrollment upon us, I'm getting more and more questions about paying for health care.If you buy insurance on the health care exchange or you get your health care through an employer, the deductibles are getting larger and larger.

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Young child holding American Express card

How To Get a Lower Interest Rate on Your Credit Card

An oldie but goodie is back and it could save you money on your credit card payment. Negotiate your interest rate down So many of us who have a decent credit score are getting solicitations for new credit cards that are vastly superior to the cards we have now.

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