When you think about making soda at home, do you think about Soda Stream? The popular at-home soda maker is about to get some competition from Coca Cola.

Soda Stream is the leading at-home fountain jet for making your own carbonated beverages at home. Several months ago, The New  York Post  reported the company sells 10,000 machines a day!

Having a Soda Stream is like having your own soft drink bottling plant at home for a street price of $80 to $120. Instead of lugging soda home from the store, you put water in to your home unit and add the syrup in to make the flavor you want. The carbonation comes in canisters made of lightweight aluminum.

I've tasted a variety of the Soda Stream flavors. Some are not ready for prime time. But others are really good. So it is all about personal taste.

But now there are big changes going on that could represent a real money-saving opportunity for you. Coca Cola is in partnership with Green Mountain -- the people who brought you K Cups -- to make their own at-home fountain jet, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The advantages of this are going to be gigantic, from the environmental to the money-saving, and in so many other ways. This sure beats going to the warehouse club and lugging cases of drinks home!

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