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  • Finally! Facebook now lets you choose what you want to see


    Facebook just made it a whole lot easier to keep up with your friends -- and to avoid the people whose posts drive you crazy. The updated News Feed Preferences are aimed at showing...

  • Free Smartphone Plan From Scratch Wireless!


    Here's another new option for FREE text, talk, and unlimited data on your smartphone from a startup out of Boston. Scratch Wireless makes use of free wifi connections I told you recently...

  • Project Fi: Google's New $20/month Cell Service


    In a time when rate cuts are the rage in the phone world, Google is entering the wireless market with a new service that will be cheap and pay you back for unused data. Google wants to be your...

  • Google to offer $30/month cell plan with data


    Google is the latest company to offer cheap data rates. But are they ready for primetime?

  • Struggling To Pay Your Cell Phone Bill?


    If you're like many Americans, you may feel like what you've been paying for cell phone service is too expensive. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. Don't get locked...

  • Get Paid for Your Unused Data!


    The prices in the cellphone world keep going down, down, down!  Walmart Family Mobile has a new deal offering unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data for $29.88. One gig of data...

  • How To Opt Out of Verizon's Super Cookie Tracking


    Verizon has finally relented on its most invasive customer spying measure to date and now allows you to opt of the dreaded supercookie. The company has been pushing its supercookies on users to...

  • Like Verizon network, but want a cheaper plan?


    Verizon is offering cheaper cell phone packages than ever before, just not under the Verizon name. If you love Verizon but want a cheaper rate, this plan might be for you.

  • New $30 a Month Deal from Metro PCS


    Not a week goes by without another price cut in the cellphone world! Here's the latest one... T-Mobile lower prices through discount brand After announcing price cuts for small business last...

  • How to avoid unexpected phone bills while overseas


    When planning a trip abroad, you plan ahead for flights, hotels and more. But one big detail people overlook is costing them thousands.

  • How To Save 80% on Small Business Cell Service


    If you're a small business, T-Mobile has a great deal on cellphone service that can help you reduce what you pay each month.   T-Mobile's deal for small business In the last...

  • Google to offer free cell service


    Google plans to make free cell phone service available to customers. Here’s when the service could be available.

  • Cell deal: 2.5 GB of data for under $40/month


    Hey data hogs, this deal is for you! As you know, data use can make a big difference in your bill. This plan gives you a lot of data for under $40/month.

  • Cell deal: 2.5 GB of data for under $40/month


    Cell phone bills can add up fast and the amount of data you use can make a big difference in your bill. This plan gives you a lot of data for under $40/month.

  • Cut Your Wireless Bill by 60% to 75%!


    You can save up to 60% or 75% on your monthly cellphone bill while still enjoying the same service from your current cellphone provider... Here's how! The Big 4 have secret discount...