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  • Publix coupon scam hits Facebook


    The grocery coupon scams are heating up on Facebook again! Just days after we first told you about an Aldi coupon scam making the rounds, the regional grocery chain Publix is the latest to have...

  • Aldi coupon scam hits Facebook


    A scam circulating on Facebook involves on the discount grocery store chain Aldi. According to WSYR, if you share and comment on the post, you're supposed to get a coupon for $100 off...

  • You can now send money to your friends via Facebook Messenger


    Facebook announced this week that its payment feature is now available to anyone in the U.S. The service was first rolled out to a limited group of users, but as of...

  • Is that great Facebook offer really a scam?


    When you receive free offers on Facebook, be careful of passing them along. They could be a scam.

  • Fired for a Facebook Post Before Your First Day on the Job


    I've said it again and again: Be careful what you post to Facebook because it might just cost you your job! Mom's big social media mistake There's a story that's quickly...

  • Google to offer free cell service


    Google plans to make free cell phone service available to customers. Here’s when the service could be available.

  • Social media apps can pierce your privacy


    Marketers have started keeping tabs on your spending habits by monitoring how you use certain social apps.

  • Social media apps can pierce your privacy


    Marketers have started keeping tabs on your spending habits by monitoring how you use certain social apps.

  • Facebook To Put Amber Alerts in Your Newsfeed


    Facebook has taken a lot of criticism about piercing your privacy. But they're now doing something that deserves a pat on the back. Facebook's solution to help missing children You know when you...

  • CES 2015: Cheap Drones, Fitness Bands, 4KTVs and More!


    Today I'm broadcasting live from Las Vegas for CES 2015, the International Consumer Electronics Show. And all I can say is…wow! This is like the SuperBowl and World Series tied up in one...

  • How social media life can affect your work life


    High school seniors are becoming more aware of how their social media presence could affect them getting into college.

  • Social Media Snafus Can Kill Your College Application


    Kids are young, adventurous, and clueless by nature. Now they're running around taking outrageous pictures and video on mobile devices. But on reflection, a lot of that media looks like a really...

  • Beware of the Latest Threats to Facebook Users


    A fake app making the rounds on Facebook promises to let you change the color of your profile, but it might just make you see red. The so-called Facebook Color Scam was first reported by Cheetah...

  • Facebook Messenger App Permissions: Friend or Foe?


    If you're all worked up over app permissions for Facebook Messenger, time to take a deep breath and relax! There's been big news of late about Facebook forcing users to download a separate app...

  • What is your social footprint saying about you?


    Headds up, job seekers. Many, if not most employers are doing social media checks before they consider you for an interview now.