Equifax temporary credit freeze lift information

Please submit the following personal ID information:

• Your complete name, including any suffix (e.g. Jr., Sr., etc.)
• Your complete address
• Social Security number
• Date of birth
• 10-digit personal identification number (PIN)
• The date range for the temporary lift of your credit freeze, if allowed by your state (e.g. March 15 - March 21)
• Proper information regarding the third party to receive your credit report (e.g. Sears) if your state allows for a third party credit lift

Be sure to check your state's requirements for costs involved.

Mail to: Equifax Security Freeze
*Temporary lift request*
P.O. Box 105788
Atlanta, Georgia 30348

And mark the envelope with the words "PROCESS IMMEDIATELY."

Warning : Equifax does have an online form with which you supposedly can freeze your credit reports and/or lift a freeze. We do not suggest you use this form as many have complained their requests were not filled when doing so.