• 'Price is Right' model flubs car giveaway


    A "Price is Right" contestant is now an owner of a new car following a mistake made by one of the models on the popular game show. Manuela Arbelaez accidentally removed the wrong...




  • Weird tech at CES 2015


    Robots that clean solar panels and mirrors that digitally put on your make up. Those were just some of the weird things I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • Start-up businesses at the Consumer Electronics Show


    The consumer electronics show in Las Vegas is the premier place for electronics companies to display their products to the world. I met some people from Norcross who are trying to get their...

  • Survey: The best and worst banks


    Some of the biggest banks in the country were also ranked with some of the worst customer service in a recent survey. Clark tells you who ranks the worst, and which banks are the best.

  • Clark Howard presents the new Consumer Action Center


    An excerpt from Clark Howard's speech at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Consumer Action Center, Team Clark's free off-air call-in help line.

  • Clark Howard opens the new Consumer Action Center


    Clark Howard at the ribbon cutting for the new Consumer Action Center, Team Clark's call-in help line providing FREE advice every weekday from 10am-7pm.

  • Legitimate work-from-home opportunities


    I have a list of legitimate ways to work at home to help balance your budget this holiday season. But careful of work-at-home traps that will actually cost you more in the end.

  • Meet me at Clark's Christmas Kids 2014


    Meet me at Atlanta-area Walmart now through Sunday December 14. We're taking care of Christmas for over 5,000 foster children in my 24th annual toy drive. Join us in this great effort to help...

  • Clark Howard attempts Keurig K-Cup hack


    Clark and Christa try to fill a K-Cup with their own coffee in order to save money on expensive Keurig refills

  • Big box stores cheaper than Amazon


    Do you look to Amazon for the best prices? It's not the deal it used to be. A new study found that these two bg box stores are cheaper.

  • Fast food: Drive thru or Walk in?


    When you're ready for some fast food, do you walk in to order or hit the drive through? Clark shares a strong opinion....What's your preference?

  • Hot new option in the car market: Mini-SUVs


    Love the high ride and safety of an SUV, but don't like the huge size or terrible fuel economy? Two U.S. automakers have a great new alternative.

  • Easy way to compare insurance rates


    This website makes it so easy to shop for all kinds of insurance. Rate comparisons are emailed to you, and best of all…no pushy agents!

  • Millenials and credit cards


    A new study shows that more young adults are afraid of getting credit cards. Here's why this could be both good and bad for their future.